Easy Mani 411: Rada Pro Nail Station

If you’ve ever realized (after your manicure was dry) that you used your topcoat as a basecoat – you know that keeping your nail tools organized and at the ready is essential for a beautiful, long-lasting manicure. Now, at home manicures are made easier and more organized with the Rada Pro Nail Station.


Station includes a hand and foot stand, accessory tray and polish holder. Everything has a place – accessory tray holds your polish remover, nail files and top and base coats while the polish holder holds your polish. Hand and foot stand adjusts to keep your hand or foot in place. Accessory tray and polish holder move to keep out of your way and make your manicure as easy as possible.


Rada Pro supplies professional nail stations to nail salons and now you get to experience the nail salon right in your home.

$24.99 Radapro.com

– Catia Carvalho Trooskin