Eat. Pray. Love.: Finding Beauty in Tough Situations

Julia Roberts is a pretty woman, a successful actress, a doting mother and one of the few celebs who isn’t regularly grabbing headlines in the gossip mags. She’s stolen our hearts in more movies than we can count and she’s about to prove that there really is beauty in the breakdown.

In the new movie, Eat Pray Love, Roberts plays Elizabeth Gilbert, an author and journalist in her early thirties with a husband, a house in the country and a great job. Life events take over, and she gets divorced. Overcome with panic and confusion, Gilbert has a mental breakdown and decides to travel to Italy, India and Indonesia to find herself again. What was left at the end was a beautifully written and extremely honest book that almost every woman can relate to.

With her infectious laugh, intoxicating smile and gentle voice, Roberts illuminates beauty from every angle-even with a few extra pounds on her usually tiny frame. In the book, while traveling in Italy, Gilbert admits to gaining 23 pounds. Roberts told Entertainment Weekly that she ate a lot of carbs while filming and ultimately gained about 10 pounds.

Roberts says, “By the time we would cut I’d be done with an entire pizza or a whole bowl of pasta,” she said. “The take would just go on and on and I’d love it.”

When her travels in Italy finally come to a close, Gilbert admits that she came to “the beautiful country” when she was “pinched and thin” and whilst soul searching she found simple pleasures in the best food Italy had to offer. The beauty of it all, she found herself and became a healthier person both mentally and physically. Roberts told Entertainment Weekly that she could have used a bigger pair of jeans before she went to India.

How do you find beauty in tough situations?

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Allison McKenna