Eau Flirt: the World's First Flirting Fragrance

The world has always loved a good romantic story: Casablanca, Sleepless in Seattle, Breakfast At Tiffany’s…and let’s not forget Scent of a Woman.

If love does enter through the nose, then surely there’s room for a fragrance that captures the power of flirting. Harvey Prince, the company that brought us Ageless Fantasy, the world’s first anti-aging perfume (the core note was pink grapefruit), has launched Eau Flirt – the world’s first flirting fragrance.

Harvey Prince Eau Flirt

After sitting down with Kumar Ramani, Harvey Prince’s founder and CEO, I asked him whether other “romantic” brand name perfumes could not be labeled as “flirtatious” scents as well. “The companies are not marketing the other perfumes as being flirtatious,” Ramani says. He believes that while there may be notes that are floral and flirty in other brand name perfumes, they’re not putting those scents in a particular bucket.

What makes Eau Flirt truly flirtatious? The notes, for one, which Ramani says are a “closely guarded secret” on the box. Inspired by a study done by Drs. Alan Hirsch and Jason Gruss of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, Eau Flirt’s proprietary blend of lavender, pumpkin and other secret scents have been clinically shown to provoke passion in men with a whiff.

Harvey Prince Eau Flirt

My husband loved the perfume (after all, it matters what men think, right?). He said that it smelt very “vanilla.” I dig the notes as well: I’m a sucker for anything vanilla and lavender, and the scent lingered on my skin for hours.

I especially love the packaging too – the cartoonish flirty box and the kermit-green eau de toilette bottle are unmistakable and prominent. This is definitely a strong scent, although if you spray sparingly you can dilute the strength a bit (but men love the stronger version!).

Remember what Christian Dior said: A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.

Eau Flirt comes in 3.4 oz. eau de toilette spray that retails for $98; a 1.7 oz spray that retails for $66; and a 1 oz. purse size that retails for $36. Mini roll-ons are $19.For more information, visit www.harveyprince.com