Elise Overland Fall 2009 Backstage Runway

Playful, colorful, rock and roll were the words to describe the makeup backstage at Elise Overland’s Fall 2009 Collection.

Nadine Luke, Director, Makeup Artistry International for MAC Cosmetics says, “Elise serves rock and roll colorful, fun, playful, edgy, but there is still something about this look that makes it say, I want to wear this and I can. Women do not have to be a part of a certain trend, category or anything—I just have to be.”

The clothing is colorful, and the makeup corroborates this. Elise Overland’s Fall has a lot of textures. “What we have done with the eyeshadow is mixed Black Smolder Pencil, Black Fluid Line and Black Track,” says Nadine. “So we’ve combined the blacks and the turquoise color and a Paint Pot called Delft. This look is all about expressing yourself in your own style and way of doing.”

Layering colors is key for this look. It is fierce and it reflects a strong woman who knows what she wants and how she wants to get it. It is fun and playful. It is a realistic look—from the runway to reality. The makeup contours slightly bring the “beauty” in the face, but it’s not too pretty pretty.

Yes, that “imperfect, slept in” look continues to dominate the fall runway.

To Get This Look

-Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation Mineralize Powder for the face

– Blushbaby Peaches Blush with Silver Dusk on Cheekbones

– Smolder Eye Kohl with Delft Paint Pot Reflects Pearl for the eyes

– Strip Down Liner with Fresh Brew Lipstick for the lips