Elizabeth Grant, Skincare Doyenne

It’s not too often we have the chance to try a bunch of different products from a specific skincare line. That’s why we were so thrilled to discover Elizabeth Grant Skincare, a wonderful set of products created by a human dynamo of a woman whose skin was originally damaged during World War II. After years of embarrassment over her less than desirable skin, Ms. Grant turned trauma into treasure. Her skincare innovations are blatantly luxurious, and we can guarantee most women would love to indulge in these beautiful products.

Elizabeth Grant’s Vitamin C Day Treatment ($60) is an energizing facial moisturizer that gives your skin that burst of excitement to get you out of bed in the morning. Vitamin C is known to be one of the most important skincare nutrients because of its ability to strengthen Collagen. Also, vitamin C is a vital anti-oxidant that protects your skin from the harm of outside sources, such as heat and pollution. The day treatment is the perfect light moisturizer to start your morning.

By using the Vitamin C Ampoule Collection serum twice a week, the face is able to reject the free radicals that damage the skin on a daily basis. A thick skin serum that feels similar to putting hair gel on your face, the Ampoule collection is actually an extremely refreshing product that cools down the skin. Ideal for relaxing before sleep, the vitamin C revitalizes your skin, while Elizabeth Grant’s trademark Torricelumn is an intensive treatment that serves as a moisturizing compound.

For a thicker moisturizer, we can’t say enough about Biocollasis Gold Advanced Cellular Radiance. While it’s quite the mouthful to say, this product is definitely worth the complicated name. A simple touch upon opening the container demonstrates the products’ quality. You can literally feel the elasticity just by tapping the product. This is a heavier cream, ideal for applying right before bed, or for severely dry skin. Chapped winter skin is no challenge for this thick and luxurious moisturizer.

Still a member of the Biocollasis Gold family, the essence serum is meant for daily application. Instead of acting as a moisturizer, the serum feels much more like a treatment to the skin. It tightens all areas around the face, and naturally injects collagen to improve elasticity. We found it to be extremely luxurious in combination with the Biocollasis Gold Advanced Cellular Radiance face cream. However if dry skin isn’t your fear, then the serum will still successfully tighten skin on its own.

When it comes to eye, dark circles are our worst enemy. Despite all of our efforts to hide circles with lots of under eye concealer, we’ve never been able to entirely disguise them. With Elizabeth Grant’s Biocollasis complex advanced cellular age defense eye serum, we can literally feel the skin around our eyes tighten up after application. There’s nothing better than a tightening agent for sagging skin. As for the dark circles, it will take significant time to see any real changes after using the eye serum. We eagerly await the changes!

Visibly clogged pores are an everyday battle for women looking to balance out uneven skin. Forget hours staring in the mirror with fingers pressed at your face; there’s nothing worse for your skin than the oils and dirt in your fingers! So instead of extracting pores yourself, look for a refining agent. Elizabeth Grant’s advanced cellular age defense pore refining lotion is much more like a liquid than a lotion. It should be applied with a cotton ball because of its runny nature. However, immediately after application you can feel the same tightening as after using Elizabeth Grant’s eye serum.

There’s nothing quite as luxurious as beautiful skin products, and Elizabeth Grant’s products are nothing but top of the line. While the price points aren’t particularly the same as in drug stores, a woman only has one face. There’s nothing wrong with treating it with a lot of respect.