Essie Spring 2009 Polishes Mix Glam and Edgy

On the rare occasions I get a manicure, I inevitably end up arguing with the manicurist regarding the color of my nails. I gravitate towards pastels and neutrals, while my long-suffering nail technician urges me to commit to brights. Essie’s Spring Collection pleases both camps of this great divide by including subtle colors and bold polishes.

Eternal Optimist (Spiced Tea Rose): I would happily wear this sweet, sandy pink around every day of the week.

Flawless (Cherry Blossom Pink): I imagine Barbie would wear this pretty, feminine pink. It makes me want to put on a ladylike sun dress and go to a garden party.

One-of-a-Kind (Poppy Red Kiss): I regret that I have no beach (and no beach weather) on which to show off this punchy coral.

Lacquered Up (Red Hot Crimson): This densely pigmented shade is so very, very bright. A bold color like this goes well with an equally bold personality, or someone wishing to create such an illusion.

Mesmerized (Royal Va-Va Blue): While unexpected, this final polish is both edgy and glam.

There’s also another shade in this collection that is not shown in swatch mode, in “Status Symbol, ” a Feisty Hot Pink:

The formulas themselves slide on in nice, thin layers. Lacquered Up might stand alone with one coat, but the rest require two for an opaque finish. All of them dried with a lovely sheen. Now I have more reasons to look forward to spring. ($9 per bottle).

All available online and at select drugstores.