Fall Haircare Tips, Product Recommendations: For that special Sway

All right, it’s officially fall. I don’t care where you live – even California has to change seasons some time. And with the change of season comes the need for a change in how you care for your ever-so-lovely head of hair.

Here’s how:

Trim Your Tresses Before You Trim The Tree

Split ends, dry ends – they’re all induced by damage from the harsh summer sun and all those hours you spent in your teeny weeny bikini. Bid lifeless, lackluster locks adieu with a trim or a new ‘do. We dig Carey Mulligan and Emma Watsons‘s fashion-forward pixies!

Tap Into Your Dark Side

According to Kattia Solano, owner of Butterfly Studio Salon in New York, your hair will benefit from using a gloss during the winter months, which can make your strands dull from lack of moisture, too much blowdrying and sunshine.

“I love the new gloss color, INOA from L’Oreal,” Kattia says, “because it adds extreme shine, deep conditions the hair and leaves longer lasting color! My clients say they notice how shiny their hair is and how soft it feels right after the color process. This makes me so happy and my job so much more rewarding!”

Did we mention INOA is also ammonia-free?

Trick Or Treat Yourself

There’s no better way to amp up dull strands than with a deep conditioning treatment. We heart Kérastase Chronologiste Treatment because it targets different parts of your hair with hydrating moisture and protein for strength.

The Proof Is In The Product

Switch up your routine for a total revamp of your mane with a new shampoo, conditioner and mask. I’m all about the FAROUK Royal Treatment by CHI White Truffle and Pearl these days because it’s all about serious care for beautiful hair. Not only are its products sulfate and paraben-free, they have natural UV filters and are specifically made to combat damage to your hair from time, sun, wind and thermal factors.

Spring forward, fall back… into healthy hair heaven!

Caitlin Roberson

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