Fashion Week Winter 2011 Makeup Trends: Sparkly Eyes at Vena Cava; Straight Hair at Tadashi

Vena Cava Winter 2011 Makeup & Trends:

Vena Cava at Ted Gisbon

Hair: Ted Gibson
Inspiration: Christy Turlington inspired 90s grunge.
To create this “modern, sexy” look, Gibson started with a center part. He mixed his own Fix it Gel with Tame It Shine Lotion and then applied to the hair, working it into the ends and scrunching the hair: “We’re bringing back scrunching, scrunching the hair so it has this really modern texture to it. But what’s cool about the texture is, the texture looks like you haven’t shampooed your hair in two or three days.”

Vena Cava Winter 2011 MAC Cosmetics
Makeup : Christian McCulloch for M.A.C. Cosmetics

For Christian McCulloch of M.A.C., yesterday’s makeup look was all about treating makeup like an accessory: “I see it as an accent; this is not about correcting your features.”
To keep the focus on the clothes, McCulloch created a natural look with a strong emphasis on the eyes. He used a gunmetal slate blue shadow on the eyes, creating a shimmery look that made the models’ eyes pop. The lips stayed natural, with a pale pink lip balm adding a pop of color.

Vena Cava Winter 2011 butter London
Nails: Nonie Creme for butterLondon
Going into Fashion Week, Nonie Creme knew she wanted a simple nail look to accompany the ladylike Vena Cava clothes. Describing the look as “very organic, not too matchy matchy,” Creme showed off the finger bands she painted on models’ fingers to complement the clear fingernails. Using a variety of Butter London shades, including the unreleased Floral Orange, Creme formed bands that perched on the ends of fingers so as not to look too tribal.

Tadashi Shoji Winter 2011 Makeup & Trends

Fashion Week Winter 2011 Makeup Trends at Tadashi Shoji

Hair: Rodney Cutler

Having worked with Tadashi for several seasons now, Cutler said he knew just what the designer would want. Cutler created a sleek and sharp look that complemented the natural makeup and nail looks. To achieve the look, Cutler called upon three key products: bobby pins, Redken’s Sheer Straight and Cutler’s own Volumizing Hair Spray.

Makeup: Luc Bouchard for M.A.C. Cosmetics

The theme of the day at Tadashi was all about keeping it natural, Luc Bouchard said: “Tadashi wanted a look where the girls would look angelic, so it’s a very soft foundation. The girls are beautiful anyway, so what we’re trying to do is just enhance their natural beauty without making them feel too made up.” Bouchard used M.A.C.’s new Match Master foundation and a cream blush to create this soft, natural look and kept the brows simple.

Nails: Josephine More for China Glaze

Much like the makeup for Tadashi yesterday, the nails were all about letting the natural beauty shine through, Josephine More said, describing the inspiration as “clean and natural, very simple, very sheer.” More used Innocence by China Glaze, Fast Forward as topcoat, and Fast Freeze Quick Dry to create the simplified, yet chic look.

Chrissy Callahan

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