Five Tips For Healthy Skin and Teeth Post Halloween

If you indulged in a bit too much candy the other day, don’t forget to think about your pearly white accessories –sometimes all a gal needs is a gorgeous smile.

Here are some post trick or treating (and some pre trick or treating) tips from Dr. Singh, founder and CEO of Arch Dental, for a whiter smile:

1. Choose candy that melts quickly and can be eaten easily (in general, and not just during Halloween);

2. Have a glass of water after eating candy to wash away the sugar and neutralize the acid.

3. Avoid grazing on candy; it increases the time sugars are in contact with tooth enamel.

4. Have a treat with or after a meal, followed by a thorough tooth-brushing .

5. Time is of the essence when it comes to teeth and sugar. If not removed by brushing, or swishing with water, sugar from any source can increase the likelihood of cavities.

While these tips pertain only to candy, remember that inner health and beauty is vital for your skin’s daily glow. While you may not be indulging in intense sugar overload from Halloween, chances are if you’ve got kids with bags of newly-collected candy lying around, you may still be in the midst of that sugar roller coaster ride.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, your skin is prone to pick up on stress and over eating, so take care to eat healthy and remember that your body has a harder time processing sugar and alcohol during these months. In order to avoid feeling sluggish and give your skin and teeth the attention they deserve, avoid too many sugary snacks, and reach for the fiber and fruits and veggies. Some tips for a healthy holiday season include starting your day with a glass of warm water with lemon which delivers antioxidants that help boost liver function, according to Susan Blum, M.D., Preventive Medicine and Chronic Disease Specialist. And don’t forget to prioritize your protein and vitamins.

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