How To Lose a Guy in 72 Days: Beauty Don'ts From Kim Kardashian's Divorce

Yes, we know…we didn’t really want to go there but we did. We know you’re sick and tired of this scam of a wedding, but the entire thing had us thinking about the popular chick flick How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

Kim Kardashian Divorce

So, inspired by Kim Kardashian’s get-rich-quick-scheme messy divorce, here are some beauty DON’TS unless you want to lose a guy as quickly as Kim lost hers:

Forgetting to Take Care of Your Smile: We’re not just talking about teeth whitening or flossing, not brushing or taking care of your pearly whites will have a guy running for the hills. In case you’re looking for options, click here.

Not Taking Care of Your Hair: At the very least, unless you’re going for the bed head look (and a lot of guys may just wonder), brush your hair at least once. Carry a pocket size brush with you or a comb in your purse –remember, guys love good hair (short or long). Just brush it!

Being Lazy With Your Skin: Having poor skin is definitely a turn off, and if you’re battling zits and other pesky problems, be sure to consult a dermatologist or get clued in at some of the effective acne products on the market today. You don’t need layers of foundation if the structure is sound.

Growing a Unibrow: While we love Frieda Kahlo and respect her talent, unibrows don’t encourage romantic walks along the river. Pluck, tweeze, thread…do what you have to do but maintain those arches, please.

Ignoring Your Wrinkles: With all the antiaging options on the market, it should be a pretty easy task to somewhat take care of your wrinkles with over the counter remedies (no, you don’t have to rely on Botox or LAVIV for this). If you’re curious about what to try, keep checking back with us for the latest product reviews and why they work (or don’t).

What are your ways to “lose a guy in 72 days”?

Charu Suri

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