For The Ultimate Jet Setter: Ken Paves Travel Flat Iron

Packing our suitcase for a weekend away always seems to involve a struggle for space. If you’re a pack rat with more beauty products than a CVS, getting ready for a vacation can be especially difficult. While many hotel rooms come equipped with blow dryers on the bathrooms walls, we’d celebrate the day a flatiron hung there as well. Enter the Ken Paves Travel Flat Iron. Yes, this is the same Ken Paves known as Jessica Simpson’s BFF and hairdresser.

Ken Paves Flat Iron

We were pretty skeptical about the flat iron, due to its petite size and our major mop of hair. However, this small flatiron wrangled our naturally curly hair wonderfully. We usually prefer to use an iron with a plate that’s at least 1.5 to 2 inches wide, just to save time and energy. However, Ken Paves’ plate is only 1 inch wide, and our straightening time clocked at the same length as our other flat iron. Point being, we were highly impressed with the product’s quality. And since it’s meant for traveling, the iron comes with a sleek, gray carrying case that’s ideal for sticking in the corner of your luggage. Finally, a flatiron that leaves us plenty of room in our suitcase! Now, if only they made a foldable blow dryer…

The Ken Paves Travel Flat Iron retails for $79.99 on, but is currently on sale for $49.99.