Free Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair on July 23rd

If you’ve always wanted to try Estee Lauder’s NEW Advanced Night Repair but were afraid to shell out the cash, then you’re in luck.

The company is hosting its largest sampling program to date on Thursday, July 23rd. Called “America’s Night to Repair” this program starts from 5pm and lasts until 9pm at ALL Estee Lauder counters and department stores nationwide.

Advanced Night Repair

There will be a total of 250,000 10-day samples of ANR distributed nationwide and Estee Lauder Beauty Advisors will be giving away one product per customer while supplies last. Visit for more information.

Come early because we expect it to be packed!

Advanced Night Repair: a Pioneer

Today, almost every woman repairs skin at night. But this concept of “night recovery” was pretty foreign until 1982 when Estee Lauder introduced this little brown bottle that turned back the clock on skin although birthday candles were doing just the opposite.

Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex

The first Night Repair targeted damaged skin and helped restore it while sleeping. The new Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex provides a more optimized night-time repair with Chronolux Technology that supports the natural sync of skin’s repair at exactly the right time.

There’s also a new patented technology that helps repair the damage caused from smoke and pollution (city dwellers, take note).

Ever Heard of Clock Genes?

Well, neither had we. But apparently your skin is like a finely tuned Swiss watch, and repairs at night through a symphony of precisely timed repair responses based on the body’s natural circadian cycle.

These responses are actually synchronized by a specific family of genes called clock genes. Until recently, it was thought all cellular synchronization occurred through one “master clock.” New research now shows that each skin cell contains its own clock genes which help each cell maximize its own DNA repair. With age and repeated exposure to environmental stresses, these clock genes can become out of sync, causing cellular repair and protective process to slow down, thus compromising DNA repair.

Well, guess what product helps repair this irregularity?

You will see decreased signs of aging, including lines, dehydration and discoloration by using Advanced Night Repair. It also helps repair past damage caused by pollution, UV rays and even stress.

This is all so overwhelming for us because we’re so used to “over promise, under deliver” products but this one hits a home run.