Garnier Root Booster Spray & Anti-Humidity Hairspray

Do your locks need a lift? Droopy strands and ringlets are the enemy of Garnier Fructis Body Boost Root Booster Extreme, a spray-on product that enhances volume and brings life to lackluster hair. We used it immediately after showering but before blow-drying, and really enjoyed the light texture that didn’t make our hair feel weighed-down and greasy. We thought we did see a lift in our roots after applying the product and then blow-drying. Also, the scent is fresh but not too perfume-y, so you don’t smell as if you’ve doused you head in a flower garden.

Garnier Root Booster

If you ready to head out the door but need a quick finish to complete your look, Garnier’s Anti-Humidity Hairspray is ideal. Most hairsprays smell like toxic, alcohol-based nightmares. And who would want to touch your hair when it’s rock hard and smells like car fumes? This hairspray actually smells decent, but most of all, it really does have the ability to resist humidity. But just to be sure, make sure you use some sort of anti-frizz cream to prevent problems before you style it. Just call it a “pre-emptive strike” against summer humidity.

Garnier Anti-Humidity Hairspray