Georges Chakra Backstage Fall 2009 Runway

Georges Chakra has been known for his rich, shimmery textured clothes, and backstage, the makeup for the Fall 2009 show showed us what a perfect contrast the makeup and hair was. Gregory Arlt from MAC Cosmetics conceived the makeup for the show: think beautiful, clear skin; a clear smokey eye; glowing blush; and soft lips.

“I blended two colors for the lips,” Arlt says. ” The Vintage Rose and the Creamsheen in Boybait.” Of course eyeliner is a must and all the models sported blush, which was a mix of two shades as well: “Lillicent” and “Lady Blush.”

According to Arlt, “Georges Chakra is really the red carpet event of Bryant Park…he uses some really amazing fabrics.” As for the makeup, he says, ” I wanted the skin to have a mobility to it.”

The hair was done by Bumble and Bumble. Stylist Amy Farid says,”The look is an alternate version of the chignon. We start with a side parting, almost like a beret.” She used the best selling “Surf Spray” by Bumble & Bumble to give the hair the texture needed for the hold. “Once you achieve this texture, you put the hair up in a ponytail..we braided some of the girls’ hair to get rid of the weight, especially if they had a lot of hair.” Then she put up the chignon with pins.