How To Get the Beauty Look: The Royal Wedding's Kate Middleton Makeup & Hair

Dissecting the Duchess of Cambridge’s looks is not too hard, especially when you know that she did everything herself.

To us, her brows were a definite standout. They weren’t chicken feathers, and weren’t over plucked, but beautiful, thick and arched. You can definitely learn a thing or two from her brows.

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

As to be expected, the princess had a ward of people for her pre-wedding makeup rituals; her hair, we hear, was done by James Pryce and Richard Ward of London’s Richard Ward salon (they gave her cascading curls that we had spoken about as being a bridal trend in an earlier post).

Ms. Middleton was said to be completely involved in the bridal dress and process in every way, and she chose comfort over fawning attendants when it came to the makeup department. The evening before her wedding, Kate went through two hours of hair prep, according to People Magazine, and more hours before the reception.

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

Since she did her own makeup, let’s deconstruct on how you can get her *fairly simple* look. It was no frills, not even red lipstick, and an almost bare young and fresh-faced look, which took me a bit by surprise. I was expecting a touch of rose on the cheeks at least (when she stepped out in her carriage, it did look like she had rouge on her cheeks, but it also have stemmed from her looking flushed from the event). Her skin looked flawless.

Here’s how you can get the Royal Wedding look:

1) Prep your skin with a mild exfoliant (nothing too harsh, because you don’t want to look as though you are windburned on your wedding day);

2) Lightly prime your face or use a pre-lotion like SK-II’s Cellumination Mask-In Lotion to hydrate your skin. Follow up with a light, oil-free and non greasy moisturizer like SK-II’s Skin Signature Cream.

3) Wear a lightly tinted moisturizer/ foundation on your face. We recommend M.A.C.’s Future Face line.

4) Use an eyeliner (liquid is best) and waterproof mascara; we recommend Cargo’s “Better than Waterproof” mascara.

5) Use just a hint of gloss.

Now, you may kiss the bridegroom! And, also, even though we rarely cover jewelry, check out these cool earrings that are a replica of Kate’s teardrop earrings from Carolee (only $32). Aren’t they fun?

Tell us, were you a fan of Kate’s look? Why or why not?

– Charu Suri

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