Get the Look: Makeup Masterclass with Illamasqua’s Alex Box - Review

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending a makeup masterclass with legendary makeup artist Alex Box, who is Creative Director for cult UK cosmetics’ brand, Illamasqua.

Charu and Alex Box of Illamasqua

Many of you are likely in love with the intense pigments of the makeup already, especially the rich, pigmented and satiny nail lacquers, eye shadows and lipstick shades. Now, see how Alex Box uses certain makeup and techniques to transform a plain face into one worthy of a magazine!

Ilamasqua Makeup Masterclass with Alex Box

To get this look, Alex started off by using a lip brush to sculpt the model’s brows. She used a very versatile product called Liquid Metal on the brows, and really sculpted the arch to make it stand out in a very fierce, noticeable way. “Liquid Metal is innovative and something that the brand stands for,” says Alex “You can use it on the lips, eyes, cheeks, hair. It gives the eyebrow a really metallic allure. (The look) is more about how you apply Liquid Metal. If you execute it with precision, it’s absolutely perfect.”

To get the model’s incredibly sculpted, almost pristinely-perfect look, use a little bit of pigment and use angled movement throughout the brow.

“It’s totally personal,” says Alex, about makeup. “It’s about looking and feeling good, it’s an inner journey.”

Alex says that makeup is about releasing the inner child in you. “As children you’re just drawn to that coloring process.”

Illamasqua Masterclass with Alex Box

Alex Box with the finished look on model

To get the look seen on the model above, Alex used:

a) Eyeshadow ($20): Illamasqua’s eyeshadows have a soft texture and make them really easy to blend and build. For maximum impact, and to create a water-resistant look, use a drop of Illamasqua Sealing Gel. Alex used the eyeshadow in Victim for this look.

Illamasqua Lipstick in Box

b) Lipstick in “Box” ($22) : Alex applied her signature lip color with a lip brush. This highly-pigmented formula is a deep scarlet red with Vitamin E infusion so it keeps the lips hydrated while providing it with a lasting matte finish.

c) Eye Liner Cake in “Mislead” ($23): When applied with an eye liner brush, angled liner brush or lip brush, this will create a cat eye or Cleopatra look. It’s quick drying and intense and stays true throughout the day. For best results, mix it with a drop of Sealing Gel to create a paste to use all over the body.

d) Sealing Gel ($15): This gel is quick-drying and is best used with a Powder Eye Shadow, Pure Pigment or Eye Liner Cake. It was used in Rodarte in their SS10 collection. A long lasting investment!

e) Powder Blusher in “Lover” ($24): This coral/pink/orange/nude shade complements all skin tones and makes the skin really come alive.

Illamasqua and Alex Box makeup masterclass

Playing with stencils will help you get a lovely magazine-worthy look; perfect for Halloween or costume parties!

Alex Box is one daring makeup artist, who sees the need for color and who urges women to welcome radical ideas and views about makeup into their lives. “I can’t tell you how many people say they’ll do tattoos and then they say ‘no I can’t wear a red lipstick'” she says. “I don’t think I’ve handled conventionally beautiful very well.”

We think the before / after on the model looks stunning, but since Illamasqua is definitely “a night brand,” it might be a bit too much for the office. But a much tamer, softer version is perfect for the day, absolutely! You can’t go wrong with the red lipstick.

Tell us, do you love the look? Do you rock Illamasqua in your makeup routine?

Charu Suri

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