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Have you ever gone shopping and bought a dress, makeup, accessories and discovered that while all items certainly looked “hawt” on the mannequin, they ended up washing you out completely?

Well, I have, dozens of times.

If you don’t have a method or a system (often, beauty and fashion are more a science AND and an art), you’ll end up dazed, confused and a victim to over shopping.

Jill Kirsh Color

Here’s where Jill Kirsh comes in. Jill Kirsh is a color expert and has been dubbed “Hollywood’s Guru of Hue.” She has also been named the Best Color Consultant in the Best of LA issue of Los Angeles Magazine. Her Color Makeover System was recently featured in InStyle magazine and The Los Angeles Times.

Jill has appeared on numerous TV shows demonstrating the amazing impact of her system and has consulted with red carpet celebs, soccer moms, rocker moms, news anchors and corporate titans.

When I first met Jill, I’ll admit that I was very skeptical. I’ve been marketed many kits numerous times, all promising that they would work. But Jill’s proof is in the pudding. Take a look at these ladies’ transformations:

Jill Kirsh Color Before and After

Jill Kirsh Color Before and After

Jill Kirsh Color Before and After

Jill offers an innovative and fun makeover system that is based on the color of your hair. You know how you’ve often gone shopping to find clothes and makeup based solely on the color of your skin? Well, scrap that. It’s time to rethink and retool your shopping strategy.

Here is the methodology and reasoning behind her system:

1) Discover what your hair color is. Is it a Deep Brunette, Warm Blonde, Golden Brown & Red or Ash Blonde, Platinum & Gray?

Jill Kirsh Color Swatch Book

2) Go shopping with her “Swatch Book.” This, her anchor product, is a like a business card holder, with color swatches in lieu. Each hair color group has its own Swatch Book, and the purpose of this portable book is for you to take it shopping any where you go, so you’ll be able to identify which colors will look good on you.

3) Use her specialized makeup palettes that are suited to your hair color only. Choose from “Golden Browns and Redheads” to the “Ash Blonde, Platinum & Gray” palettes. There’s one for every hair color shade.

That’s it. With these specialized tools that have a high degree of efficiency and purpose, you can go shopping with ease and always know that the end result will look good on you.

We are giving away ONE complimentary color consultation with Jill (value: priceless) and a set of personalized makeup valued at $100 to one lucky winner. In order to enter, you must do the following. Visit Jill Kirsh Color and find out what hair color family you belong to, and leave a comment below letting us know what that is. A winner will be picked by April 30th.

Good luck, beauties!

– Charu Suri

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