Giveaway Bonanza: Learn about Good Skin Labs & Dr. Frank; Win over $300 in Skincare Goodness! Review

If you’re like me, you’re still searching for the Holy Grail of skincare products that really deliver what they promise.

The term “anti-aging” is as much a skincare marketing buzzword as “organic”: you’ve SEEN this term used time and again on nicely-packaged goods, but wondered if they were truly worth the splurge.

GoodSkin Labs doesn’t beat around the bush. They put the products DIRECTLY into the hands of consumers to test. How?

The GoodSkin Labs Circle is a group of highly picky, real women who wanted to see results. They are Consumer Ambassadors of the brand because they have tried, loved and vetted the products themselves.

One circle member, Lisa Silvera, has nothing but positive things to say about the brand:

Would you stick with this brand after having experienced such great results? What has been your favorite product?

Lisa Silvera: Yes. Absolutely. I would be a beauty fool not to. The truth is in the pore size, complexion clarity and the drastic reduction in deep LOL lines on my forehead, cheeks and mouth. I am a Carib-Panamanian-American woman with very “complex” skin. It’s a melange of dry, oily, delicate, resilient, sun-drenched and sport/sun weathered. The good news? It doesn’t look that way– anymore.

Someone asked me if I had any “work” done. That is when I knew I was onto something. My favorite Product is by far FILEXTRA: it’s packed with collagen! Using FILEXTRA, I am plumped, moisturized (not greasy) and youthful looking. I still can’t believe the difference in my skin. Crazy.

Has it been more difficult in finding efficacious products that work for your skin tone and type? How has GoodSkin Labs been different?

Wow. Yes, absolutely, everything is too greasy. Darker pigmented skin is usually way too rich in oil, limiting ability to use those other products (risking pimples, bumps, rashes and blackheads, etc.) GSL even has a sunscreen-packed daily moisturizer called EXTEN-10 that I LIVE FOR. I live in Miami. I AM in the sun, but I am also Countess Sunscreen. Finally this is a daily moisturizer with suncreen that delivers great protection from ALL of the rays.

There are no white bumps either – just more beautiful, well-protected skin. In all honestly, “darker complexion” women don’t really feel our needs are considered seriously when products are being developed. In my personal opinion, GSL dispels that belief. GSL has me and my special skin needs in mind and it shines through in the products.

What products can you expect to find in the GoodSkin Labs site?

The TriAktiline Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler & Line Reducing Moisturizer uses spherical powders to diminish your “LOL” lines;

The Eyeliplex 2 Eye Lift + Circle Reducer is a genius gel/ night balm two in one that restores appearance of crepiness and diminishes dark circles;

– The Sculptinex with Reservatrol gives your skin bounceback with a roller application (it’s all about preserving your skin’s elasticity);

– The Exten-10 Daily repair Youth Boosting Moisturizer with SPF 15 is supposed to give you a face that looks “10 years younger” in four weeks!;

– The Clarity/ Brightening products include a peel and peptide serum to help renew and restore skin’s youthful appearance.

Dr. Frank, Consulting Dermatologist for GoodSkin Labs, has these pointers to offer when selecting products:

BeautyStat: What is the best way for people to choose the right Good Skin Labs product for their needs? Is it as easy as reading the claims?

Dr. Frank: What’s great about the GoodSkin Labs line is that each of the products target a specific skin concern, taking the guess work out of finding a product that meets the consumer’s needs. All GoodSkin Lab’s product packaging is also especially designed to make the product benefits and claims pronounced and easy to understand. Perhaps the most efficient and effective way to generate a prescription of products that meet your needs is with an online diagnostic tool (one can be found on the website, that provides consumers with a personalized product recommendation.

BeautyStat: If your skin needs a lot of moisture, particularly during the winter months, does it help using the peel also?

During the winter months your skin goes through some change, so it’s important to alter your regimen a bit. On top of your daily cleansing and moisturizing routine, consider adding the following to your daily regimen:

· Use an in-home citric acid peel once a week to buff away dull skin and restore a healthy glow, like GoodSkin Labs Citra-Peel

· Use a night cream or serum daily for ultra hydration

BeautyStat: Does it matter what skin type you are? Can people of all ethnicities use Good Skin Lab products?

Dr. Frank: All GoodSkin Labs products are fragrance free and can be used by anyone to boost their anti-aging skincare regimen. One of the greatest things about GoodSkin Labs is that each product features targeted treatments that deliver both instant results and long term benefits.

You can enter to win one of FIVE complete sets of these products (over a $300 value) by doing the following:

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Winners will be picked within a week. GOOD LUCK, and good skin!

– Charu Suri