(Giveaway & Review) Insider Series: Repechage Skincare Gives You the Power of Seaweed

Ever wondered what goes on into making a great skincare product? Well, hours of work, for one. A good cosmetic chemist is someone passionate about his or her job, and able to refine and harness the power of raw ingredients.

Says Ron Robinson, cosmetic chemist and founder of BeautyStat, “Cosmetic chemists are scientists that formulate beauty products based on their knowledge of cosmetic ingredients and technologies. They combine these ingredients in ways that create skincare, makeup, body care and other types of personal care products.”


Take seaweed, for example. Did you know there are more than 40,000 species of seaweed globally? A truly astonishing number! Repechage is a skincare company that specializes in harnessing the nutrients and nourishing properties of seaweed and bottling them in creams and gels that are fit for all skin types.

These pioneers of seaweed-based skincare have been at it since 1980, and use the next generation of anti-aging actives. We were fortunate to visit Repechage’s manufacturing facilities in New Jersey and meet CEO Lydia Sarfati, who spoke with passion about her extraordinary company, her school for estheticians (most of Repechage is carried only in professional salons and spas), and her dedication to marine-based skincare.

And the products! From the Sea Spa Mineral Bath Salt to the Hydra Medic line for acne prone skin, each product is a work of anti-aging art. There are serums for mature skin, drying lotions that rival Mario Badescu’s for oily skin types and so much more. You’ll need to see, try and feel to believe it.

If you’re curious to find out how a product comes to fruition, check out our first Insider Series video with cosmetic chemist Susan:

Repechage Insider Series with BeautyStat

Susan takes you through a brief overview on how seaweed is distilled into a balanced and stable base that forms the framework of Repechage’s skincare line. The process is truly something amazing and educational — aren’t you a wee bit curious as to why you’re paying top dollar for this product?

Eye Rescue Pads

And naturally, we want you to try it as well, so we’re giving away one box of one of my all-time skincare favorites (and a relatively new launch): the Eye Rescue Pads. These rescue pads are instantly soothing and cooling and work to depuff and destress the delicate eye area. Think of them as a trip to the French Riviera for your eyes!

All of Repechage’s seaweed is farmed off the coast of France, generally considered to be the finest place to farm nutrient-rich seaweed.

So, let us know what you think! One winner will be chosen to receive the pads in a week, if you leave a comment below letting us know what YOU think of our Insider Series.

– Charu Suri

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