Giveaway, Makeup Review: I'mUp Beauty Compact with Integrated Power Charger

Giveaway, Makeup Review: I'mUp Beauty Compact with Integrated Power Charger

GIVEAWAY: Win the amazing I’mUp beauty compact that is also a USB power supply . Two lucky winners will be drawn from the entries received in this BeautyStat Giveaway (scroll down for the entry form). Increase your luck by visiting BeautyStat daily to enter this giveaway again!

Giveaway, Review: I'mUp Beauty Compact with Integrated Power Charger

Women are on-the-go more than ever today and heavily rely on their portable tech devices including phones, tablets, cameras and smart watches. But keeping those smart devices charged is a challenge, which is where I’mUp beauty compact comes to your rescue. I’mUp is the first beauty compact with an integrated power charger so that beauty and power are literally at your fingertips. You’re probably already carrying a makeup compact in your purse, so now you can replace it with a makeup compact that can also charge your devices. It’s a beautiful high-tech solution for women who need a better solution. Support I’mUp on Kickstarter to be one of the first to receive this innovative tech/beauty device. You can get it at a discounted price of only $95. You need this beautifully smart compact and charger in your purse!

I'mUp Beauty Compact and Portable Power Charger in Stone Grey

I’mUp is designed in Italy and you can see and feel the high quality of craftsmanship when you hold it in your hand. The makeup is 100% natural, talc-free makeup made in Italy. It’s made with skin-friendly ingredients including jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, hyaluronic acid, shea butter and cocoa seed butter. The blush palette is available in two color variants: Pink Fusion for lighter skin tones and Brown Fusion for darker skin tones. Shown below is the Pink Fusion blush palette that can multi-purpose as blush or eye shadow. Two shades have a matte finish while the other two shades have an iridescent finish. I love the matte shades to use as blush and the iridescent shades to use as eye shadow. I look forward to seeing what new refillable palette options I’mUp comes up with!

I'mUp Blush Compact in Pink Fusion

Let’s talk about this lovely portable power charger disguised as a completely functional beauty compact. It’s a little heavier than your typical beauty compact, but weighs much less than your average portable power charger. It includes a short USB cable that connects from I’mUp to your computer to charge. While you are charging I’mUp you will see four LED lights illuminate on the side of the compact. This shows you at what level your compact is charged and if it’s actively charging.

I'mUp Portable USB Charger and Makeup Compact with two mirrors and brush kit

My I’mUp beauty compact is Stone Grey, but there are also Arctic and Borgogna Purple colors to choose from.

Giveaway, Makeup Review: I'mUp Beauty Compact with Integrated Power Charger

I am so excited about adding it to my purse as a permanent fixture because I’m always in need of a portable power charger but dread carrying them around because they feel like rocks, take up too much room in my purse and don’t do anything else besides charge. I’mUp is made to travel all day and all night because it’s designed using magnets to hold your removable blush palette securely.

I'mUp Makeup Compact Brush Kit and USB Charger

Take a look at the clever brush kit that is hidden on the top of the compact along with a 2x mirror. Open it up to reveal your blush and you get another larger 1x mirror. I will be relying on my I’mUp compact to be my go-to mirrors for any and all makeup touch-ups. Again, magnets keep this compact’s lids securely closed until you’re ready to open them.

Portable USB Charger Beauty Compact I'mUp

Isn’t this a beautiful way to charge my smart phone? I can charge any USB device including my smart phone, tablet, camera and smart watch. And I’ve got a cute black zip-up case to store my I’mUp compact with USB cord so that I’ll always be able to recharge it no matter where I am. And I’m totally going to lend out my I’mUp portable charger to friends when I’m attending conferences. So many times I’ve been with friends with phones that are low on batteries when there isn’t a way to charge them. Now I’ve got exactly what I need in my purse to give those phones (and my friends) a boost!

Blush Compact that charges your phone I'mUp from Italy

Let me know if you have any questions about I’mUp beauty compact and portable power charger and don’t forget to enter the giveaway below. Our two winners will receive the fully-functional pre-production model of I’mUp. If you love this product then please consider supporting the I’mUp Kickstarter campaign where pledges for as little as $3 are being accepted. If you want to purchase I’mUp you can purchase it at a discounted price of $95 with delivery in February of 2016. Can’t wait to get your hands on this hot new beauty-and-tech product? Support I’mUp with $124 and you’ll receive it before the holidays.

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