(Giveaway & Review) NAIR Debuts New Milk & Honey Roll-On Sugar Wax, Cool Gel, Men's Depilatory

Ah, the days of warmth may be around the corner, but we sure can’t see them yet. If you’re snowed in or iced in, take comfort in Punxsutawney Phil’s early prediction of spring. We sure hope he’s right!

Recently, we’ve been taking comfort in the fact that we can be beautifully prepared for spring, and this means our flawless, hairless arms, legs and bikini areas.

We’ve been a tad obsessed with Nair of late, primarily because we love to shower. Agreed, that razors are everywhere and very convenient, but you might be into these latest launches from Nair:

Milk & Honey Roll-On Sugar Wax

Nair Roll On Wax

This ergonomically-friendly roll-on is filled with sugar wax that smells like milk and honey extracts. It was inspired by the beauty ritual of Mediterranean women. You need to microwave it for a few seconds (no more than 15), and spread it on your arms and legs, and it comes with 10 cloth strips for easy peel off. $9.49.

Nair Cool Gel

Nair Cool Gel

This is perfect for the summer months, especially when you vacation in the tropics (or are fortunate enough to live in Florida). The brand’s first translucent depilatory gel, it leaves behind a clean scent. It’s almost unisex friendly!$6.99

We loved this sensation (although it did leave our skin all tingly at first), and it woke our skin up like our morning coffee. That’s pretty good, in our books!

Nair’s Depilatory for Men: Nair for Men Shower Power

Nair for Men

I know what you’re thinking, but erase that image of the Forty-Year Old Virgin from your head instantly! There are men who want to be manscaped, people. And Nair is coming to their rescue with their new Men Shower Power tube with a sponge. It works in three minutes and is also effective on thick and coarse hair (no, please don’t try this on your dog). $6.99

Other Nair for Men products include a spray, and a body cream.

As though these new introductions were not enough, you can also find the new Silky Sensation Sensitive Formula tubes in your drugstore aisle. The dual moisturizing band is unmistakable, and the formula comes in two fresh scents with Kiwi and Vitamin C extracts, and Pomegranate and Soy extracts.

And while you’re busy checking out all these fun depilatories, why not “Bag the Blade” and take the Nair “Step Our Challenge”? The idea is to bag the blade (yup, toss the razor out…it’s old news) and use Nair for a week and see how well you do without any nicks, scrapes, cuts etc. Then, visit www.NairChallenge.com and share your story.

Note: these products won’t hit drugstore shelves until April, 2011.

BeautyStat wants to enable you with all the tools –GRATIS– to take the Nair Challenge. We are giving away ONE luxurious gift basket filled with all sorts of Nair goodies (including the products mentioned above) to a lucky winner. Yes, you’ll get the men’s depilatory too.

To enter, leave a comment below to tell us why you like depilatories over razors (or vice versa). Good luck! Bonus points for posting this link on your Facebook wall.

– Charu Suri

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