Glam New Year's Eve Party Eye Shadows

Dare to wear a little eye candy this New Years Eve, and turn up that come hither stare? Step out of the normal everyday look with these innovative eye shadow finds.

Remember, you don’t want to be boring for NYE, so instead of going with your netural and muted day colors, opt for brighter tints to make your eyes truly stand out.Brilliant liners and candy-colored shadows can make eyes take on an “other-worldly” effect.
Eye shadow for New Year's Eve with sequins

Leave the beige matte shadow behind, because fantasy calls for fuchsia, teal, and yellow glitter. Many brands have eye shadows that come in various effects, such as iridescent, glitter, pearlescent, shimmer, metallic, diamond, marbled, or other finishes. Reach for a few crystals, or flutter fabulous multi-colored eyelashes.

MUFE Strass Crystals

One of our favorite looks for that party eye is a few crystals placed at the corner of the eye. Make Up For Ever has these gorgeous Strass jars: beautiful multi colored crystals that you can place at the corners of the eye, on cheekbones or wherever to create a surreal look all your own. They are sold exclusively at Sephora stores, or online for $23.00. You can also get crystal-studded or feathery falsies for a mere $15.00.

Party Lashes

Another fabulous look is from Hard Candy. Have you tried their eye tattoo kits? These are pre-pressed powder shadows in patterns of Dots, Zebra, and Glitter looks, to give your beautiful baby blues (or browns) a fierce look. They’re only $10, and available at Wal-Mart or at at


Add a few feathery touches, perhaps a coordinating headband or jeweled bobby pins, and you’re ready to play!

Are your eyes getting glammed up for the big night? How are you fixing up yours?

Elaine Hamilton

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