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Global Beauty Trends 2015, 2016: Gillette Venus Wants You to #UseYourAND and Reach Your Full Potential

SHE Summit 2013 Global Beauty Trends 2015, 2016: Gillette Venus Wants You to #UseYourAND and Reach Your Full Potential

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Don’t judge a book buy its cover—a wise adage we’ve heard time and time again. And yet, when it comes to women, our society continues to place labels and make assumptions. But the truth is: women can be smart AND pretty; shy AND outgoing; strong AND sensitive.

All women have the right to achieve their full potential by embracing these “ANDs”, instead of feeling limited by “Ors.” Unfortunately, many of us feel stifled by typical one-dimensional labels. In fact, a new Global Labels Survey by Gillette Venus revealed that 70 percent of women around the world felt labeled beginning as young as 10 years old, with nearly half saying these labels have had negative effects on their lives.

In an effort to spark change, Venus has launched the new “Use Your And” campaign. In a partnership with Claudia Chan, a women’s empowerment expert and founder of the S.H.E. Summit Global Conference, Venus seeks to educate young girls, help identify and eliminate stereotypical labels, and support women to use their ANDs. The goal is to empower and mentor women everywhere, with the belief that when we realize our full potential, we can change the world.

As part of the campaign, Venus has released the new “AND Stand” video to spark a global conversation. The video features real women telling their personal stories, and is underscored by the iconic ‘She’s Got It’ song with re-mastered lyrics, reflecting the dimensionality of women today.

What are some of your unique “ANDs?” Tweet or Instagram with the hashtag #UseYourAnd to join the movement and help unleash the potential of women and girls around the globe. And learn more about the inspiring campaign at “The Story Behind Use Your &”.

Have you ever felt limited by a stereotypical label? How will you #UseYourAnd to unleash your full potential?

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