"Good Elements": Your Natural Ticket to Health and Weight Loss

We know that what goes into our mouth impacts our health, not to mention our skin.

But granola’s out of the question when we’re rushing out the door to get to work, so we grab a bagel to go. As for lunch-well, actually we skip lunch out of guilt for eating the bagel. Dinner is whatever we can microwave, with a chaser of Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia. Like members of a 12-step program, we admit that we are powerless over our dietary sins; that our nutritional gaps have become unmanageable.

In need of a major intervention, we were thrilled to discover nutraceutical company GoodElements and its all-natural nutritional supplements. After a quick two-week trial, our skin has never looked better and we’re finally catching up on our beauty sleep.

The three-sku “Beauty and Wellness” system we tested includes “Essentials,” a body-loving cocktail of herbs, vitamins, minerals, green foods, food extracts, enzymes and amino acids; “Renewal,” a complete antioxidant supplement that increases the health and longevity of the body’s cells; and “Dream Supply,” which naturally promotes restorative deep sleep without next-day drowsiness.

Targeted products for specific concerns such as memory and concentration, immune system support, allergies and joint pain are bundled into themed collections called “Workplace Survival,” “Holiday Survival,” and “Weight Loss.” Right now the “Holiday Survival” kit is looking pretty good, with “Resistance” to strengthen the body’s immune system; “Craving Control” to boost metabolism and suppress the appetite; and “Chill” to relieve anxiety and stress. We’re picking up a second kit for holiday gifting.

All products contain 30-day supply of capsules and can be bought individually for $34.99 or in collections retailing from $84.99 to $89.99 at www.GoodElements.com