GrandCapitalFX Is A Scam - BlockChain Confirmed, Do Not Invest With Them, Crypto Currency, Bitcoin

Back in March of this year shortly after the pandemic started, I met someone online who told me that they were a broker for a bitcoin, cryptocurrency company that promised tremendous returns. As this broker befriended, I became more curious about investing with his company, GrandCapitalFX or GCFX for short. To ease my fear, this broker offered to invest his own money along with mine so as to share the risk. Literally in a few days, my investment doubled, then tripled, the quadrupled to the point where I was seeing a 10X return.

After 6 weeks, it was time for me to withdraw my profits. But, there was a catch. A big catch. Yes, I understood that GCFX takes a percentage of your profits as their fee. That’s fine. But…. you have to pay the fee first, then you get your profits. This was never explained to me. And note, there is no written contract for me to review. All communication was done via phone with my broker. My broker never ever told me this. When I confronted my broker about this policy, he said that this was implied. Had I known this was GCFX’s withdrawal policy, I would’ve invested a lot less so that I was able to have some money left over in order to pay the withdrawal fee.

Clearly I was very angry about this. But I continued to have friendly discussions with my broker and he eased my mind saying that GCFX is a legitimate company and that he himself has made great profits from them over the years. He then convinced me to pay the withdrawal fee and that I would get my profits. In fact, he agreed to help me pay part of my withdrawal fee. So after paying the withdrawal fee, I was told that I have to pay an additional fee to BlockChain in order to release my profits. The total amount I invested (initial investment plus withdrawal fees) was about $17K !!!

By this time, I am really really really angry. I feel stupid, and scammed. I got into a few heated discussions with my broker about being scammed. My broker seemed to feel really bad about the situation and took the blame for not making it clear to me that there was a withdrawal fee that had to be made before you get your profits. But then our last conversation was different. He did not take the blame. In fact he blamed me for not asking the right questions about the GCFX policy. I have not spoken to him in several months now. He was right. This was all my fault. I got scammed. I trusted him. He seemed so honest, so genuine. How could I be fooled this way?

Well, I am a very trusting person and if you are reading this, please learn from me. DO NOT invest with this company. And if you invest in other companies, get a written contract and get a referral from someone you know and trust.

So, what am I doing about the situation? I have emailed GCFX 20 times requesting a full refund. They replied back saying that it is against their policy and they still suggest that I pay the additional withdrawal fee in order to get my profits. I even told them that I do not want the profit, all I want is my investment and that I would give them the profits. Their reply was that they did that in the past, but they got scammed. They got scammed?? So, I’m supposed to trust them, but they won’t trust me??

I’m giving GCFX until this Wednesday, December 30th, 2020 to refund my investment and withdrawal fees. And if they do not comply, I will be filing a report with:

Detective Bureau of the New York City Police Department

Financial Crimes Task Force / US Dept. Homeland Security, Dark Web & Crypto Currency Group -TFO

By the way, See screenshot below of BlockChain telling me that this GCFX withdrawal fee is a scam.