Great Green Beauty and Hair Finds for Spring and Summer 2011: Absolution Cosmetics, Paul Mitchell Eco Express Ion Hair Dryer

Our coverage of green beauty finds for Earth Day and Earth Month continues, and here are some gems that are hard to miss.
Sour Cherry Mask Ilike

This Hungarian brand is produced and packaged locally in a Hungarian village. The ingredients are fresh grown, hand picked and carefully crafted into tingling masks, lotions, cleansers and more. Plants are grown on certified organic soil nurtured by thermal water. The European organic standards are very strict — and you’ll find their products (such as the apple -lemon mask, for instance) shows real fruit pulp and real lemons. Yes, you can actually eat them. Scout them out in over 700 spas in the nation and where organic spa products are used.

Suki Organics

Suki Skincare

This brand is a favorite because it cleared up my acne when nothing else would. I never had it in my life and then all of a sudden — zits. The owner, Michelle Williams assured me this line would change my skin for the better. It sure did! My favorites are the Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser for some smoothing scrub action. It smells of lemon and sugar that are good enough to eat. All of the products are made organically and are fantastic for sensitive skin. The latest products from the

Kimberly Sayer

Kimberly Sayer AntiOxidant Mask

Kimberly Sayer is a line for hand crafted skin an beauty products One to keep on hand is the Deep cleansing clay mask. The product is loaded with organic green clay from France, dandelion, safflower oil, aloe vera, and green tea. Use it weekly and over night for spot treatments over blemishes and wake up to clearer skin.

Bespoke Beauty: Absolution

Absolution Beauty Bespoke Cosmetics

Bespoke skincare brand, Absolution, has just hit the states from France. It recently launched at Space NK. The line offers high quality organic ingredients developed according to French standards. There are just eight products in the line and they are unisex.

Each product is packaged with a unique paper container designed by Arnoud Pigounides. Absolution creator Isabelle Carron created a single unisex cleanser, normally unheard of. But is she on to something? When its time you pick up a cleanser keep in mind you can actually share it with you guy Absolution skin care is customized to your unique challenges of that moment. The line’s philosophy is about your ever changing skin –which has has moods each day.

The run down includes: a cleanser for men and women, L’eau soir au Matin, three serums, two moisturizers, and a calming lotion (for oily skin).

Paul Mitchell new Limited Edition Nature Inspired Express Ion Dry Turbolight Dryer

On any given day, we’re all about good-for-the-earth products, but when it comes to Earth Day, we crank it up just a notch. So we decided to green our hair styling routine for this eco-licious day. And what better way to do so than with an eco-friendly blow dryer? Yep, that’s right, the geniuses at Paul Mitchell have come up with the new Limited Edition Nature Inspired Express Ion Dry Turbolight Dryer.

How is it eco-friendly, you ask? Well, this lightweight dryer is infused with an Express Ion Complex that dries hair up to 60% faster, thus saving you (and your electrical systems) time and energy. Plus, the Express Ion Complex helps enhance shine by delivering an extra does of conditioning technology.

Paul Mitchell Eco Friendly Hair Dryer

We wanted to see if this $190 dryer really measured up, so we took it for a dry run. Did it blow us away? Read on!

Before I get into the details of the Turbolight Dryer, let me divulge a little secret: This beauty writer NEVER dries her hair. It’s something that everyone’s always shocked to learn, but it’s true. Blessed with natural curls, I prefer to air-dry my hair normally, but every once in a blue moon I do dry my hair. When I do, it usually takes me a little while, given the fact that I have very thick hair. So with that in mind, here’s my verdict!

When I started to dry my hair with the Turbolight Dryer, I was immediately impressed with its pleasant appearance feel and how nice it felt to grip. But all appearances aside, within five minutes, my hair had already started to dry significantly—indeed no small feat.

In no time (precisely under 25 minutes), my hair was pretty dry and ready to go. And the time/energy I saved in the process felt pretty darn nice.

Would I invest in this product if I didn’t dry my hair frequently? Probably not. But if I were a religious dryer, I would absolutely do so. For $190, you not only get a quality product, but with the money you’ll save in the long-term in energy bills, this dryer is bound to pay for itself, and then some.

The Express Ion Dry Turbolight Dryer retails for $190 and is only available in professional salons during March/April. Visit for salon locations and availability.

BeautyStat Staff
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