Green Tea Goods Natural Hand Refresher is the Bomb!

When it comes to finding a cure to our everyday health problems, we often look East for an answer. Waaay East.

The truth is Eastern medicine has carved quite a comfortable nook in America’s medicine cabinets. And with all these ancient Chinese secrets becoming public knowledge, we were thrilled to come across one that’s been flying under the radar.

Green Tea Goods Natural Hand Refresher is a blend of Chinese herbs and mineral water that are great for anyone looking to freshen up after a hard day’s work. While it’s not a cleanser in the same sphere as an anti-bacterial gel, just a few drops of this liquid gives hands a clean, green tea scent that’s ideal for men or women who detest the floral fragrances inside many hand lotions. Instead, the Refresher moisturizes while cleansing, and manages to do so without that tightening alcohol that dries skin out. The hand refresher may not be an ancient Chinese secret for that much longer, so you should try to grab a hold of some pretty soon.