Guerlain Spring 2011 Collection Review: Sur Mes Levres

Packaging is key when it comes to products and Guerlain certainly didn’t let us down with their spring collection. The compacts are simply stunning.

“Guerlain celebrates the season of renewal by creating a charming, playful and cheerful limited-edition collection, Sur Me Levres or “On my lips.” This collection boasts tangy tones and vivid shades of pink. There is the radiant fuchsia shade coupled with an ultra-black case that’s chic and glam.

Guerlain Spring 2011

Blush G (Limited Edition) – $65.00

When Rouge G becomes a blush, the result is the most luxurious and chic palette. Packaged in a shiny lacquered black case within a suede pouch lined in fuchsia satin, the Blush G reveals coloured stripes in an energized orange, intense fuchsia, delicate pink and pearly pink embossed with a G in elegant calligraphy.

For an instant burst of radiance, apply the four tones to the cheekbones to reveal a deceptively natural healthy glow. Your cheeks are beautifully warmed and rejuvenated.
Rouge G (Limited Edition Shades) – $46.00
This collector’s edition Rouge G holds four collector shades in a sleek black lacquer case, and you can get tinted springtime colors you’ve been craving for. This lipstick is truly covetable, and a treasure! The “Série Noire” Rouge G comes in four Limited Edition Shades:
•24 Rouge Sensuel
•45 Orange Euphorique
•70 Fuchsia Délice
•71 Rose Désir

Écrin 6 Couleurs Eye Shadow Palette (Limited Edition Shade)- $84.00

You get six limited edition eyeshadow colors in one palette –how neat is that? The central fuchsia shade is surrounded by nudes, a delicate gold and pearly ivory, while the liner traces the eyes in a shimmering brown. The key ingredient, Moonstone, offers its silvery and bluish reflections to adorn the eyes with its lamellar structure and allows for the eyeshadow to stay on longer and look fresher.

•Limited Edition Shade: Rue de Rivoli

Guerlain Spring 2011

MÉTÉORITES COMPACT: Pressed Illuminating and Mattifying Powder

A skin-colored Météorites powder? Has this legendary product lost its perfecting colors? Not at all! The famous pearls have reinvented themselves into a compact powder in a variation of nude shades. The corrective colors for which Météorites is known are now found within, providing an unprecedented matte finish and radiance. The secret of these fabulous matted pearls lies in the composition and reconstruction of pure, absolute light. When light passes through a prism, the white light separates into a spectrum of colors. Inversely, all of these colors together recreate ideal light, which is used in photography and film to erase imperfections and soften features.

Available in three harmonies:
• Harmony 01- TEINT ROSÉ
• Harmony 02- TEINT BEIGE
• Harmony 03- TEINT DORÉ

Météorites Compact ($56.00)

This collection is available in January 2011 at select locations of Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Sephora, Bloomingdales, and Bergdorf Goodman.

So tell us, are you attracted to this line? Will you add this to your personal collection?

– Amelia Keith, Editor of