Guerlain Summer 2010 Terracotta Collection

Guerlain Summer 2010 Teracotta Collection

Oh these browns, these dark sienna colors are driving me crazy because they remind me of all the foods and places I adore: cafe lattes, the color of the sand in Goa, India, the shade of clay pots drying in the sun (hence the name Terracotta). The Guerlain Summer 2010 Terracotta Collection has:

1. Six gorgeous Guerlain Terracotta lip glosses with SPF 15. Feast your eyes on them, darlings, because I’d like to drink them up in pitchers because the colors range from sand to a raspberry brown. And the Oriental packaging, with the pentagonal handle, is a beaut.

2. The luminous bronzed moisturizer (Terracotta Teint D’Ailleurs) contains SPF 10, and let me tell you, skin going naked without SPF in the summer is like you going to the office with no clothes on. No bueno.

Guerlain Summer 2010 Teracotta Collection

3. We love the bronzing compacts: the one on the left reminds of the Meteorites but are designed to give your complexion an all over summer bronzing effect that will leave your skin as luminous as a tan Brooke Shields or a Halle Berry. The compact on the right contains various shades of bronze you can use all year round. If you want high intensity, use the bottom two etc. etc. This compact is perfect for the woman who wants all the makeup candy in one svelte compact suitcase. We like.

Guerlain Summer 2010 Teracotta Collection

4. The Guerlain Terracotta Fard Metal Shadestick and liner are available in Gold Rush and Smoky Metal. These remind me of the Covergirl Smoky Shadow Blast sticks and are so purse friendly that your cash and change might well give up their rights to belong there.

5. The Yves St. Laurent-inspired (we’re talking Touch Eclat-esque) glow enhancing perfector with pure gold is a lovely slim gold stick that is designed to give you maximum wattage and luminosity with the efficiency of a Mont Blanc pen (which I LOVE, BTW).

6. The last offering in the summer collection — also with a gold Pentagonal handle — is the Kohl in Mirage. Growing up in India, I was surrounding by Kohls — it was the only way to enhance your eyes and make no mistake about it, the eyes ARE the window to your soul and to your sexy summer. Mirage is a lovely tawny/eggplant color and we’re digging it.

These will hit U.S. shelves a tad bit before the summer, so pluck these beauties quickly!