Hair Q&A: With Cosmetic Chemist and Founder of BeautyStat, Ron Robinson

BeautyStat’s Founder and cosmetic chemist, Ron Robinson has answered your toughest haircare questions. Robinson has been quoted in the LA Times and on CBS News and is a resident beauty expert for Allure magazine. From frizz control to controlling those gray strands, Robinson tackled all of your questions and then some!


I can never find the right styling product that will hold a curl in my hair. I’ve tried hair spray and gel and nothing works. Also, what type of shampoo will help make my hair look fuller and curlier? What do you recommend?

There are quite a few great new products. I was really impressed with the test results from the new Pantene products for Curly hair. It contains ingredients to control frizz and define and maintain curls.

My hair is super curly and very dry. I’ve tried tons of products and nothing works. Can you help me?

For super curly, dry hair, I recommend the new line of Pantene shampoos and conditioners for Curly hair. It contains ingredients to control frizz and define and maintain curls.


I have a problem with thinning hair and rough edges. Is there anything out there that will help? My hair is so thin I can’t wear it in any kind of style.

Thinning hair can be the effect of a number of things: If your hair is processed, you might have to take a break from coloring for a while so that your hair can re-build its natural strength and thickness. If you’re hair is natural, there are plenty of great styles you can rock. Though I’m not a stylist, I can refer to you some great experts like our celeb hair stylist, Rodney Cutler.

My hair is greasy and I also have dandruff. I use all the anti-dandruff products, and it still shows up over time. I wash my hair every other day. Is there anything that could help?

If you have thinner hair, it tends to get very greasy and it shows up more than any other hair types. You might want to try Pantene’s new line of products for Thin hair. I’d also continue to use an anti-dandruff shampoo once or twice a week.

Are there any products out there that can help replenish thinning hair? I’ve been on medication for blood, diabetes etc.

When taking medications that cause your hair to get dry, thin or fall out, you really need products that will help to condition and protect the hair. I really like Pantene’s Nature Fusion line of shampoos and conditioners for weak hair. Their clinical results show that it makes hair up to 10 times stronger than other shampoos and conditioners.


My hair is a course and very heavy. I’ve been using a well known oil shampoo and conditioner, it does the trick but I’m looking for something better. What would you recommend?

If you’re hair is coarse and heavy, I recommend Pantene’s new line of hair products for thick hair. It can help condition and help control frizz.


What do you recommend to make hair shine?

For natural, shiny, frizz-free hair, I really like Moroccan Oil or Moroccan Oil light. They contain natural conditioning oils to keep your hair shiny and protected.


I just died my hair blonder than it was what products should I use that won’t cost me too much?

For color treated hair, I’m really impressed with the clinical results of the new Pantene line for Color-Treated Hair. It contains new ingredients that will make your hair moisturized, conditioned and protected.

How do you keep red hair from fading so quickly?

Red hair really needs to be conditioned and protected to help maintain the color. I like Redken’s Color Extend line. It contains sunscreen and other ingredients to help protect your color and keep hair conditioned and healthy looking.

How can I keep the gray hairs away for the maximum amount of time?

To keep the gray hair at bay and to hold you over until your next coloring, I recommend Clairol’s Root Touch Up Stick. It’s a clever product with a brush applicator that allows you to touch-up the roots.

My hair is natural and jet black, I would like to color it but I want to stay away from chemicals. Is there such a color that will do that?

Unfortunately, in order to make you to dramatically change your color, you would have to use chemicals (ex. ammonia). You might be able to go to a brown shade using a semi-permanent color. I like Garnier HerbaShine or Clairol AirPure.

I have several strands if grey hair around my temples. I’m 46 years young with absolutely no wrinkles on my face, but my hair is aging me. Which products are great for gray hair coverage? I like deep dark reds but the grays look almost pink. Can you help?

For covering gray, I was really impressed with Clairol’s Nice-n-Easy Advanced Grey Solution. It lasts up to 12 shampoos too.

How can I keep my hair shiny and blonde without dying it so many times?

If you’re hair is color-treated as well, I recommend Pantene’s new line for Color-Treated hair. I was really impressed with the clinical results that showed how it provided moisturizing and conditioning benefits and protected it from damage.


What are the best low-cost hair products for swimmers? Chlorine kills my hair!

For swimmers, Chlorine can damage and weaken the hair. Aveda and Oscar Blandi are two brands that have products geared to battle the effects of Chlorine.

My hair is dry and brittle towards the ending, how can I make them smooth and soft?

Dry, brittle ends require deep conditioning. I really like the benefits of Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask and K-Pak Intense Hydrator. Give those a try.


Do you have any tips on how to control frizzy hair in the hot, humid summer weather?

I just collaborated with a celeb hair stylist, Harry Josh, on this article from yesterday’s LA Times. We discussed the latest anti-frizz products.

See link here:

What is the best product to use for black/white, curly/fuzzy hair?

For mixed race curly, frizzy hair there are many great product lines like Miss Jessie’s and Ouidad. Each of those lines contain great Leave-in Conditioners that will help define your curls as well as control frizz.

Are there any lightweight frizz control products available on the market that won’t weigh hair down or make it greasy the next day?

Yes, there are quite a few products out there to control frizz and won’t weigh hair down. I really like Living Proof’s new hair spray that contains their proprietary anti-frizz technology. I also like Moroccan Oil Light.


My hair is super straight and very fine. What are great products to cleanse and condition as well as style that add texture, volume and a bit of shine and bounce?

For hair that is straight and fine that needs a little shine and bounce, I recommend Oscar Blandi Instant Glossing Cream and Samy Ultra Lightweight Conditioning Serum. They both contain weightless silicones that absorb easily to prevent fuzziness and fly-aways, while adding volume and shine. Living Proof Hold Hairspray is the lightest of them all and holds curls intact without a sign of greasiness or frizz. Moroccan Oil Light with argan oil eliminates frizz, but it is easy to overdo. A little goes a long way.

I want a new ‘do’. I am 58 years old and I am looking for something new that won’t make me look to old or too young.

Since I’m not a hair stylist, I checked with our resident celeb stylist and he posted an article that might help you pick the right hair style based on the shape of your face. Check out this link and good luck and don’t forget to show us your new do. See Link.

Compiled by Allison McKenna