Haircut with Mordechai Alvow at Hiro Haraguchi Salon

This afternoon, despite the frenzy of the morning and the thickening New York lunchtime traffic, I went to Hiro Haraguchi salon to get my hair cut by the lovely and supremely talented Mordechai Alvow.

Hiro Haraguchi

Let me tell you something about Mordechai. Having hair cut by him is like getting Saville Row to make your clothes for you. He will study your face like an architect, and be so cool and calm about trimming (or cuting layers of hair) your hair to suit your face that you will walk away looking like a more beautiful version of your former self.

Today, I chatted with Mordechai about what look would suit my hair the best. To be honest, I was long overdue for a haircut and my hair started to look more like the caveman in the Geico commercial than Padma Lakshmi’s.

This is when Mordechai, like a detective, took one look and decided to do my face in layers, with a U-shaped back and a few layers at the side to give a little volume to the back of my head.

The staff at Hiro Haraguchi salon is extremely professional and courteous, and I was fortunate to meet both Angela Barbado, Director of Operations, and star colorist Catalina Penna.

Mordechai snipped away at the several layers of my hair and blow dried it and styled it to perfection. The result was hair with such swing and style that it was positively singing its own tune. DAMN, this hairstylist is smoking!

Get your hair under the spell of Mordechai’s shears, ladies and your strands will play a little jazz number on your head when you’re done.

Hiro Haraguchi
41 East 57th Street, 4th FLoor
New York, NY 10022
Ph: 212 593 3030