hairfreé™ Brushes Eliminate Frizz With a Swipe

Shampoos and Conditioners have been engineered for decades with the purpose of fighting frizz. I used to look up to them as if they were some Marvel Comic Superhero. I remember dousing my hair with rich, milk protein-infused conditioners and leaving hair masks on my head for a long time, so when I received a Hair Brush that did most of these tasks for me with a single brushstroke, I was overjoyed.

hairfreé™ makes brushes that have ceramic coated plates. This is the black part of the brush (and this is also the part that makes cleaning your brush a snap!).


The ideal way to use this brush is to put a blow dryer in front of it, heat up the plates, then brush your hair and style it with your own blow dryer. But the results from using the brush per se are pretty stellar: here is a before and after of my own hair without heating the plates:

hairfree before hairfree after

Before & After (without heating the brush)


After using hairfree that’s been heated for a few minutes with blow dryer (not styled)

The best part of using hairfreé™ really is the multitasking convenience and the ability to keep your brushes tangle free. The brushes are the hair equivalent of lint removers…they’ll make the maid less needed.


Look at how easy it is for you to get the hairs out!


The brush also has a mirror on the back, so when you’re traveling, you don’t have to keep sneaking into the bathroom to make sure your strands are perfectly in place.

There is also a round brush version with the same technology that can be used to style and curl your hair. The flat brush is $9.95 and the Round Brush is $15.You can purchase them here.

– Charu Suri