Happi Magazine February: BeautyStat Reports - Makeup Trends Fueled By Social Media

BeautyStat is a leading online interactive community as well as social media marketing expert for the beauty industry. Since the community is highly engaged, outspoken and dynamic, BeautyStat is tuned into consumer purchasing habits and has the ability to feel the pulse of consumer preferences. BeautyStat is the No. 1 beauty community on Facebook with over 31,000 passionate and influential fans.

Here are some of the makeup trends we’re seeing in the community:

Red Lipstick It seems, like the Little Black Dress, the red lipstick will never really go out of style. Members are mixed when it comes to their favorite brands—they’ll vacillate between luxury brands and drugstore in search of their favorite color. We’ve seen responses from the classic “Russian Red” by M.A.C. to the evergreen “Cherries in the Snow” by Revlon. In short, when a lady finds her true red, she’ll stick with it!

Green Eyeshadow: There are many shades in the eyeshadow department, but this season we’re seeing a flood of pearly and iridescent greens from several brands. Green eyeshadow complements several skin tones and is not too over the top, so several BeautyStat fans have given it a loud resounding “yes.” One member says, “It goes well with my tan in the summer” and another, “I’ll rock just about any color in the right shade, but green stands out on me ‘cuz of my dark brown eyes & skin tone.”

Satin and Matte Nail Lacquers but NOT Frosty Shades: The sheer and shimmer we’re seeing in the makeup department has also found their way to varnishing a girl’s digits, but not all members are fans of frosty shades. They’ll opt for shimmer, certainly, but are a little shy of the dated frosties. One member says, “Too dated…and they seem to peel off my nails way too easily!” It’s safe to say that the thumbs up are for satin shimmers and mattes in the nail lacquer department.

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by Charu Suri

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