HerCut: Shampoo & Catalyst for your Hair Cut

This is not your mother’s shampoo.


It’s an idea that’s part brilliant, part “about time.” HerCut is the first haircare product line that’s specifically designed for your hair cut.

Now, I thought it was all baloney and hooey until I went to see Bob Salem (creator) and Maria Laguardia (formulator). The core of HerCut’s line is the Catalyst. The catalyst is a leave in styler (think of it as your finishing creme or leave-in styling creme) designed for your particular type of hair cut.

There are five main hair cut catalysts: the Bob, Long Layers, the Shag, the Blunt, & the Pixie.


Once you shampoo and condition with your regular brand of products or, preferably, HerCut’s shampoo and conditioner care line, you’re ready for the catalyst.

Everything works with HEAT STYLING. Each catalyst has its own special molecular structure so that it attracts or repels a positive or negative charge in your hair that allows hair to curl up, layer, be smooth and behave. In essence, science lends its mastery over your hair cut — pretty simple, huh?

Maria Laguardia spent a good deal of time showing me the molecular structure and charts and all that but I hated to tell her my love affair with molecules vanished in Organic Chemistry class.

But I got the gist of it and was pleased — so pleased– to find that the Catalyst actually did work for my hair cut when I got home and tried it. There was the slightest bit of frizziness, but my long layers did manage to keep themselves beautifully behaved — exactly as my hair stylist would have wanted them to.

Mensa award? I think so. www.hercut.com

Catalysts, $22 each

Shampoos ($19 each)

Dry Hair

Conditioners ($19 each)

Light Conditioner
Medium Conditioner
Deep Conditioner