HissyFit Makeup Solves a Beauty Mission Impossible

The Task: to find a makeup line that you love, that has SPF, that moisturizes and does the typical anti-aging hoo hah.

The Solution: HissyFit, an Australian brand that makes some of the best tinted moisturizers, lipbalms and handcreams I’ve ever tried.

It’s really hard to find a foundation you love. Especially during the summer, when SPF is just about as essential as ice in water. So I was delighted when I tried HissyFit’s Saving Face Foundation: the texture was rich and creamy and didn’t clog my pores. The only caveat I have for users is that you would do well do dust some matte powder over your face after application since my face looked a bit shiny. But the smell, coverage, and creaminess were beyond par …they were truly great!

Hissy Fit Saving Face Foundation

Saving Face Anti-Aging Tinted Moisturizers ($49 each)

The tinted moisturizers have SPF 30 in them and protect against UVA/UVB rays. They’re made with pomegrante, green tea and cehami (Australian Daisy) extracts.

I also love the tinted lip balms (Lip Service) with SPF 50 that drench my lips with shine and a healthy dose of sun protection:

Hissy Fit Lip Service

Lip Service Anti-aging Lip Balm ($20)

The thing to note about this lip balm: it’s not your average drugstore brand that drenches the lips with some petroleum-based thing a ma jig. This one actually has Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E that aid in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth.

Pretty awesome, right? Get your moisture fix and fight the pesky wrinkles? Even a Mensa champ could not have come up with that one, so kudos to the HissyFit women who did.

Hissy Fit Lip Balm in Toffee HissyFit Lip Balm in Berry

“Toffee” Lip Balm “Berry” Lip Balm

If you want all body protection, you’ve got to try the Body Double, which has a lovely fragrance of Australian Daisy and Aloe and has SPF 30. It is light and cooling, and the pleasant aroma instantly puts you in a great mood (no need for that Prozac after all…).

hissyfit-body double

HissyFit Body Double Body Cream ($45)

But my absolutely favorite in the line apart from the Tinted Moisturizer has to be the Orange Mint Hand Cream called Handy Work. The smell is completely delicious — it has that citrusy peppermint tinge that will leave your hands and mind in a state of blissful buzz. Think mint iced tea with the faintest tinge of tangerines and you get the idea.

HissyFit Orange Mint Hand Lotion

HissyFit Handiwork Hand Cream ($29)

I couldn’t stop using this tube when I first received it and then my dog started licking it and eventually fell in love with it too. That’s when I knew I needed to hide it far from all living beings. The lotion is white and goes on thick on your hands. It also helps prevent and fight unneven pigmentation, age spots and wrinkles.

You’re guaranteed not to get yourself into a small frenzy when you use these fine anti-aging, SPF filled tinted products!

Beauty Mission Impossible….SOLVED.

– By Charu Suri