Holiday Beauty Buys at CVS

We have to admit we never thought of CVS/pharmacy as a beauty shopping destination. But like a frumpy female turned femme fatale on “What Not to Wear,” the drugstore chain has had a makeover that’s nothing short of amazing. This holiday season you’ll find us snapping up incredible deals in the beauty aisle, including the following gems for under $20 that are sure to please the most demanding divas on your shopping list.

From 24/7 Skincare, Instant Plump Volumizing Lip Shine plumps, glosses, moisturizes and enhances your natural lip color while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on and around the lips. Retailing for $19.99, this workhorse outperforms best-selling DuWop Lip Venom hands down.

If too much partying leaves you looking as wilted as week-old lettuce, Lumene Vitamin C + Energy Cocktail Intensive Care is your ticket to instantly revitalized skin. A patented new compound called VitaOptimale harnesses cloudberry and cranberry oil to deliver a wallop of vitamin C to normal, dry or extremely skin. At $18.99/1.7 fl. oz., this energizer promises to keep skin soft, smooth and flexible, while preventing the appearance of wrinkles.

Now that you’re putting your best face forward, don’t forget to pamper your feet. They’ve taken a beating from hours of holiday shopping and deserve some dedicated TLC. Essence of Beauty Moisturizing Gel Booties rescue tired, cracked and rough feet with a comforting infusion of Vitamin E and grape seed oil. The booties are lined with non-skid silicone so you can walk around the house, but why not relax for 30 minutes while they work their magic? Your feet will feel soothed and refreshed, not to mention baby soft. The booties can be used for up to 40 treatments, which makes them a steal at $16.99.

Still haven’t ticked off everyone on your list? Move on to Vickery & Clarke, a natural apothecary brand exclusive to CVS. This earth-friendly line of bath, body and facial products targets every skin concern from head to toe and even relieves common ailments. We love the Aloe Vera & Chamomile Face Cleanser ($9.95), which gently removes makeup and impurities while soothing redness, and swear by the luscious Acai Berry & Pomegranite Anti-Aging Lip Treatment ($6.95), which bolsters the lip area against the assaults of winter weather. The Ginger & Clementine Body Lotion ($8.95) is the most sublime moisturizer we’ve ever slathered all over our body, after soothing our sinuses in a Eucalyptus & Peppermint Cold & Sinus Soak ($11.95). The entire product lineup comes in normal-to-dry skin and normal-to-oily skin formulas.

Once your stress-free, one-stop shopping is done, congratulate yourself for being the smart and frugal Santa that you are. Who says beauty doesn’t come cheap?