How To Find A Concealer That Matches Your Skin Tone, Covers Dark Circles And Lasts Without Getting Cakey And Settling Into Fine Lines

How To Find A Concealer That Matches Your Skin Tone, Covers Dark Circles And Lasts Without Getting Cakey And Settling Into Fine Lines

When it comes to concealer there are so many formulas to choose from: creamy, liquid, stick, etc. Which shade will suit me the best? Which concealer is too light or too yellow? We don’t want to end up highlighting our under-eye dark circles or bags, so we might have the inclination to have a heavy hand when it comes to our concealer application. Let’s face it! Concealer is both our friend and enemy. If we pick the wrong shade or don’t know how to correctly conceal our blemishes, then we end up looking like a cakey mess! We were fortunate to talk to celebrity makeup artist Jake Bailey, who works with Katy Perry, who let us know some of his key concealer tips. We took our concealer crusade to our lovely BeautyStat readers on Facebook and asked them to finish this sentence, “My biggest frustration with concealer is…” Read on to find out what Jake came up with to help with our concealer dilemmas.

Martina Giannino It becomes cakey under the eyes ç_ç always, no matter what.

Gabrielle Aquino My eye roller popped and now it’s totally useless ={

Julia Garam Doesn’t work

Katherine Walker Increases the look of fine lines and settles in the lines

Sophia R-f Finding one that lasts ALL day
Jennifer Novotny Skinner Covering the dark circles. I have tried every concealer made, used every trick…they do not work! Period!
Brittany Grimmett There aren’t many brands that cater to ethnic groups for different skin tones. I find myself mixing colors and brands to fit my skin.
TeRae Thompson It doesn’t blend…
Heidi Schaetzler-Sojka No frustration with Arbonne’s Cream Concealer.
Loretta Lynn Davis That it NEVER covers the dark circles under my eyes all the way. Although Almays Smart Shade Concealer has covered it the best so far.
Lala Polanco I tried Bareminerals and it rocks
Beth Warren I use Miracle Skin Transformer’s Treat and Conceal – works great for me!
Gerilen Elinessete It doesn’t conceal, it highlights! grrr!
Michelle Branda It doesn’t cover my zombie eyes dark circles
Everyday Beautiful Creases into lines under my eyes! *downfall of a contact lens user*
Emily Jean Harbour-Thomassee That it goes on and it makes the darkness of the circles AND the fine lines MOOOOOOOOOOORE apparent!
Carolyn Pritchard Humphrey It does NOT work – the dark circles are STILL very much there!
Jackie Singh Olay concealer pen with brush tip is awesome.
Jennifer M Jensen Shameless^^
Maxine Flowers Riley Finding one to blend into my brown skin.
Catherine Shaw Emphasizes what I don’ want emphasized!
Michele R Lusk Getting it to conceal.
Tu Lee I use concealer and correction; my under-eyes are so dark and I can’t get it to set even with powder
Amye Cortiaus It’s so concentrated that I have to over blend and because I have sensitive skin, it makes me peel…
Danielle Maddox Settling into creases and lines… I want it to look smooth!!!
Debbie Goodman I either look like a “negative raccoon,” or I have deep eye pools.
Angie Jt Cakes into the fine lines.Ugh…
Carole Duncan Robbins Settles into lines. Hate that!
Dala Luz I always seem to pick the wrong shade…
Nicole Svetlik It makes what I’m trying to hide more noticeable!
Jaimie Stevenson How it melts off on areas like your chin & forehead half way through the day. It makes your makeup flawless for the first few hours though…
Jenny Smith Getting the right color!!
Shannon Spaulding Rudnicki Settling in my lines and wrinkles
Brenda Frigard Nantelle Overly visible dry patches

How To Find A Concealer That Matches Your Skin Tone, Covers Dark Circles And Lasts Without Getting Cakey And Settling Into Fine Lines

Jake Bailey

Tips On How To Find The Best Concealer:
– When you’re looking for a concealer to cover blemishes and redness, you want to look for a creamy/opaque formula that matches your foundation shade.
– When you’re looking for an under-eye concealer, you want to look for a liquid formula with a peachy undertone (which counteracts blue) that’s easy to blend.

How To Apply Concealer Correctly:

– When you’re using concealer to cover a blemish, tap the concealer on the problem area with the tip of your index finger and set with a pressed powder. Make sure not to blend or smear.

– To cover under-eye circles, apply the concealer in an arrow shape so that you’re targeting the entire inner eye area as well as underneathCoverGirl Fresh Complexion Under-Eye Concealer ($5.29) is my favorite concealer because it’s lightweight but still gives great coverage. It’s also a must-have because it blends flawlessly with all types of foundations and doesn’t settle into fine lines. I use this for under-eye coverage and as an eye shadow base so the shadow stays in place longer.

There you have it! Some concealer tips from Jake Bailey that will hopefully help with some of our concealer troubles. Does anyone else have any concealer tips they might find useful? Let us know and comment below!

– Theresa Romano
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