I Can Kiss Clearly Now

Following the heels of Smashbox-O Gloss’s phenomenal success comes a tool that no lady should be without, especially during pucker-up season. Tricia Sawyer’s Clearly Pretty Color Revealing Lip Gloss made us kiss every strange boy, dog and girl in sight, and people were pushing us away crying out complaints of harassment.

The gloss is as clear as cellophane, but the tip of the wand is an eye catching prettier-than-a-lollipop pink. Sweep the wand once on your lips and the self-tailoring smart gloss will reveal the natural tint of your lips (if it’s brown, you may want to check your blood sugar levels at the nearest ER).

So all those years you’ve been stocking up on lip gloss with rose or raspberry tints are now a lesson that you should have been looking for your inner beauty. Get yours for $18 at www.sephora.com or www.triciasawyer.com so you can kiss clearly now.