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Ingredient Review: Baobab Oil From The African "Tree Of Life" - How It Works To Firm, Hydrate Aging Skin

Ingredient Review: Baobab Oil From The African "Tree Of Life" - How It Works To Firm, Hydrate Aging SkinWith so many products out on the market today, you might not know EXACTLY how each and every anti-aging, brightening, hydrating, powerhouse blend of ingredients work. Never fear! BeautyStat is here to help you better understand some of the most important and good-for-your-skin ingredients out today. But right now, we’re talking about Baobab Oil.

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Looking for something exotic, delicious and good for you inside and out?! Look no further than the African super fruit baobab. The source of the fruit, the African baobab tree, is one of nature’s true wonders. Known as “the tree of life”, one baobab tree in South Africa is said to be carbon dated at 6,000 years old! Now, how is this ancient tree good for our skin?

Ultimate Anti-Aging

The fruit of the baobab tree looks similar to a large mango. Extracted from the fruit’s velvety seeds, you can find it in powder form (perfect for adding into your smoothies). The fruit has high antioxidant levels and is an excellent source of vitamin C (contains more vitamin C than oranges and more iron than red meat!). The natural properties of the fruit combat skin aging by improving elasticity, which diminishes the look of facial lines.

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It also helps to refresh and even out the tone of your skin and improve hydration. The baobab tree stores water and nutrients naturally to protect itself from harsh climates — hydration being just one of the most important benefits of incorporating baobab into your facial skin and body care regimen. Conditions such as sun burn, acne, eczema and psoriasis have been treated with baobab oil in Africa for centuries.


Ingredient Review: Baobab Oil From The African "Tree Of Life" - How It Works To Firm, Hydrate Aging Skin

You can find this natural wonder in a variety of products focusing on natural skincare. The JUJU Skin Care line of products features cleansers, scrubs and a dry skin serum. Epoch Baobab Body Butter from Nu Skin combines the super hydration of shea butter with baobab to create a creamy, smooth total body moisturizer. Nyakio Firming Face Serum uses baobab oil to help skin feel firmer, restore elasticity and hydrate for up to 8-hours.

Natural Moisture

Looking for a natural, organic way to improve your skin and body? Try products incorporating this ancient African restorative fruit from the “tree of life”. A symbol of life and positivity on the African landscape can help you restore hydration and positivity to your skin and body, all by using products infused with the spirit of this unique tree.

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– Greta Chapin McGill

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