It's Bringing Sexy Back

Which girl wouldn’t do a Betsey Johnson-esque cartwheel for white teeth?

According to the New York Times, more dentists are jumping into the cosmetic arena and offering products that even granny would be eager to try.

Over the weekend, I went to Oshkosh, WI (don’t ask!) for an airshow because hubby is a pilot. I saw acrobatics in the air that basically would have put Cirque du Soleil to shame. But everyone…everyone complimented my white teeth.

The accolades really go to the hip, silver-coated tube I was recently sent to review: Dr. Pia Lieb’s SexySmile. You must have heard about it…somewhere between sipping Bordeaux at a Hamptons socials or prepping for that cute boy to kiss you.

SexySmile has a tooth whitener on one end and a thick gloss on the other. I loved the compact tube that is so purse friendly and as shiny as an astronaut’s spacesuit. The tooth whitener is applied through a spongy brush and contains an innovative polymer complex that removes those dreaded caffeine stains (yep, can’t resist a jolt of joes!) and also protects the tooth enamel like a valiant Jedi Knight.

Did my teeth look whiter? Yes. Almost in two magic applications, my teeth instantly looked like I received some sort of VIP dental treatment that I was prepared to cut off ties with my present dentist and just stick to SexySmile. But it felt a little weird applying all this liquid on my teeth and letting it be for a few minutes before applying my lip gloss.

BUT…the lipgloss is rich and thick (I tried Late Night Bordeaux) and I found it to be more of a rich stain (a few dabs is all I needed). It has shea butter and is moisturizing up to a point (I would recommend moisturizing the lips with a base first and then applying the gloss over it for a perfect look). Together the combo made me look like Milla Jovovich on the latest cover of Lucky (more about that later). I would definitely use this for a night on the town or for a date. Who wants to kiss a gal with imperfect teeth?

My recommendation: try one of the lighter gloss shades like Boardroom Berry or Bombshell Blonde because the darker colors are really intense. However, fall is all about the intense Cherry red look, so Late Night Bordeaux would make you look like you’re ahead of the curve.

Dr. Lieb practices in Manhattan, at 815 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY 10065. Phone: 212 829 1515. SexySmile retails for $36 and can be purchased online at