IVF Breaking News: Using Human Skin Cells To Form Eggs To Have A Baby?

IVF Breaking News: Using Human Skin Cells To Form Eggs To Have A Baby?

The bagel head trend was in the spotlight the same day news regarding “baby skin” hit the Internet. But, “baby skin” is more controversial… on a deeper level.

Ladies, are you looking to do something really high-tech that is uniquely you and life-changing for your skin… in the future? Last week an article publishes by the Associated Press highlighted the work of Japanese researchers at Kyoto University. On October 4th, the online journal Science reported the success of transforming mice skin cells into eggs. After the mice eggs were fertilized in vitro (IVF), they were placed in a surrogate mother mouse. The results were three baby mice that developed into fertile adults.

There are many factors that will contribute to whether this will be developed for humans: ethical, moral, population, technical, cost and feasibility. Human research could possibly be forbidden in the United States because this technique does involve genetically reprogramming skin cells. However, there are millions of women with egg quality/fertility affected by cancer treatment, medical conditions or age. To think, using your skin cells alone and turning them into eggs. Literally meaning that your skin can make a baby!

If this was your situation, and this was an available assisted reproductive technology, would you use your skin to have a baby? Let us know by commenting below, which will automatically be posted to our Community Forum (click here to check it out!) where you can find other beauty related discussions! Don’t forget to also submit a photo to our Photo Of The Day (click here!) feature, where a new photo will be picked daily. Your photo just might be selected, so get going!

– Judi Steward, cosmetic chemist and formulator

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