John Frieda's Frizz Ease: the Blockbuster

I got the opportunity to attend an event last week where I met THE John Frieda — who has been described as the founding father of modern hair products, according to Vogue. Frieda started as an assistant at age 16 to Leonard, a leading stylist in the 70s.

John Frieda frizz-ease-hair-serum

Frieda made his name by making models’ hair look perfect in a matter of minutes when on the sets of photos shoots with magazines like British Vogue and Harpers & Queen. You could say he was the David Copperfield of styling and an illusionist of cutting.

He was one of the first to recognize that different types of hair have different types of problems and so he began working with chemists to create potions that controlled and manipulated hair for best results.

He opened his first salon in London where his clients even included royalty, and in 1988, his first product line was tailored to the needs of fine, unmanageable hair. His first product was called, “Thickening Lotion,” and was an overnight sensation. “Thickening Lotion,” which was seized by Boots and performed well enough for a 20,000 bottle order in 1988. Demand grew to the size of 1.2 million bottles of Thickening Lotion.

Now, if you don’t know what Thickening Lotion is, let’s put it into perspective for you: before 1988, products were used to add volume to the hair (e.g. Madonna) but Frieda introduced the Lotion to tone down volume. The Frizz Ease line was the world’s first-ever frizz-fighting serum and one sells for every 15 seconds (it was launched in the U.S. in 1990).

John Frieda frizz-ease-secret-weapon

The whole tag line behind Frizz Ease was that it helps protect the hair from the damage of heat and UV rays. Frizz and color fading typically come from heat-inducing factors including the sun, hair dryers and flat irons.

The Frizz Ease has a thermal shield complex (a blend of silk protein and Vitamin E) and this enables hair to be smooth. It can be used on wet or towel-dried hair as well as on dry hair.Now, there are other frizz fighters on the market like got2B Smoothing Serum Anti Frizz Treatment and Bio Iconic KeraSmooth anti-frizz treatment, and most treatments contain Vitamin E.

But many customers keep coming back to Frizz Ease because Frieda started filling a niche.

So if humidity has hit an all time high, you can forage in your drugstore for this.