Kathy Ireland Skincare: Mineral Scrub Mask and Green Tea Shower Gel Review

Some shower gels are good enough to get “Lifetime Achievement Award” on their first impression, and Kathy Ireland’s Fresh Shower Gel (Green Tea & Aloe Vera; $11.99) may well be sudsing its way into the nominees list.

Kathy Ireland Shower Gel

Natural plant extracts and Dead Sea minerals all make their appearance in this little green, almost cubist bottle. But there’s hardly any nauseating fragrance, and the skin is left moisturized as well as clean, which is a lot more than we can say for our drugstore soap we tried the other day.

Kathy Ireland Mineral Scrub Mask

Another product that wowed us from Kathy Ireland Skincare is the Mineral Scrub Mask ($19.99). It aims to shrink pores and all you have to do is to commit for 15 minutes per week (do you think you can handle that, commit-ment phobes?). They’ve even gone and milled Organic Peach Kernel to a fine powder to provide smooth as silk exfoliation. Okay, while the particles are not as fine as sand (you WILL feel them churn against your skin), the results are impressive.

Just go buy some, okay? You’ll thank me later.