KISS My Face: Peace Soap, Candle & Body Wash Review and Giveaway

Just in time for the holidays, Kiss My Face gives you a peaceful treat with a trio of calm washes that are up for grabs. The 2010 Holiday Peace collection features a candle, self-foaming liquid hand soap, and all natural Castille soap with over 100 uses. Best of all, we’re giving away the entire trio to one of our lucky readers!

Here’s why we love the Kiss My Face Holiday Collection:

a) Self-foaming Peace Hand Soap: this mild combination of organic olive oil with coconut, hemp and jojoba oils gives you a very safe Castile Hand Soap (Castile Hand Soap originated from the Castile region in Spain, and has not really changed in its formulation in 500 years). It’s vegetable based (vegan) and is very mild. We’re giving away the bottle with the Lavender Mandarin scent.

b) Grassy Mint Shower Size Castile Soap: This gel will dissolve all your body’s oils, grime and dust away in one gentle wash. For all you allergy sufferers out there, this soap is the golden ticket. 17 fl. oz.

It’s supposed to have 100’s of uses: use it as a shower gel, washing the kitchen dishes, washing the veggies (hello, a shower gel that doubles as a veggie wash? We’ll take it!), cleaning the floors (add the pooch too), using it outdoors on the patio, deck etc. etc.

c) Peace Candle: This Pomegranate Acai candle is hand-poured with essential oils, has an extraordinarily clean and crisp scent and has an unbleached cotton wick. It also has a 42 hour burn time.

10% of profits from this candle support the Seeds of Peace foundation.

These three products plus tons of KISS MY FACE samples are up for grabs if you leave a comment below telling us what you’re grateful for this year. Don’t forget to give this post a LIKE and Share it with your friends.

A winner will be picked in a week. Good luck, and peace!

– Charu Suri