Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Skincare Line

This Japanese skincare line is the cream of the crop. I was introduced to it at the Makeup Show, then subsequently at a media event, and I could not believe the depth and breadth of the line let alone the quality.

From makeup to skincare, Koh Gen Do Cosmetics has been around for over 22 years, and commenced its auspicious beginnings in Japan. Today, it’s known as the premier High Def Makeup line and its skincare products are unsurpassed (I’ve tried the entire line, believe me).

Today, the line encompasses makeup, skincare and haircare. Hugh Laurie uses these products on the set of House. Jimmy Kimmel uses the line exclusively to get perfect skin and banish the bags under his eyes when he gets camera ready.

I’ll be doing several posts on Koh Gen Do’s various products and lines. Today, I’ll give you insight into the Oriental Plants Skincare Collection.

This exceptional skincare collection has products that contain 36 Botanical Extracts blended. The 36 elements are because of the Taoist 5 Element Wheel.

Oriental Plants Clean Foam ($40)

The foam in this tube will probably last the entire cast of Gypsy for ten seasons and then some. A tiny bit froths more than a bubble bath and the result is squeaky clean (I mean REALLY squeaky clean) skin. This foam deep cleans, removes dead skin cells and deep cleans pores.

Now, it says this is best used with the Koh Gen Do Whipping Net. This is the Whipping Net, which is a small mesh like structure that is designed to maximize the amount of foam the cleanser can give:

Koh Gen Do Whipping Net

The way you use the whipping net is to put a dab of the cleansing foam on the wet net:

The you rotate the net in a circular motion until you produce some foam. Actually, tons of foam! From that little bit of cleansing cream:

And then all you do is slather the foam on your face, and let it be for a few minutes and rinse it off. You don’t even need to scrub your skin:

As you can see, you glean a lot of foam from the whipping net.

Cleansing Cream ($45)

Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Cleansing Cream

This cleansing cream is mild enough for the most sensitive skin and is extremely effective. Use it when you need a more creamy alternative to the Cleansing Foam, which delivers a more squeaky-clean feeling. It delivers three textural changes as you clean: from soft to heavy to smooth. Its ceramides absorb all dirt, grime and makeup. The botanical extracts increase transparency and bring clarity to the skin.

Oriental Plants Skin Lotion ($64)

Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Skin Lotion

This lotion feels like water but hydrates your skin with the root of the Lotus Plant and five other botanical extracts. It has a moisturizing, firming and balancing agent.

The Oriental Plants line also has an Essence Spray, an Emollient Cream that you use after you apply the skin lotion, and a soap that foams just like the Cleansing Foam.

I started using Koh Gen Doh’s Oriental Plants line and in a week my skin was SO much clearer. Like 90% clearer — sans blemishes. The Japanese take their skincare very seriously–and so should you!