La Mer Hydrating Facial

There are so many things in the world that promise to hydrate: water, moisturizers, glycerin, Vitamin E….

But I have found that tried and true facials are really the way to go for a deeply hydrating experience. And what better name to deliver that than La Mer?

La Mer Hydrating Facial

It has a Super Hydrator that contains Sea Moist Ferment, which is a blend of dark green algae gathered from around the world. It also has Superior anti-aging ingredients (mostly marine plants) to help diminish dark spots, discoloration. It also has cellular lipids and plant extracts from melon and avocado.

There are also Super Energizers: if you look at the spun-lace cotton mask, it is infused with all that moist gooey substance that forms the essence of the facial. But the cotton mask itself is embedded with tourmaline and Mariponic Ferments that supposedly energize and set molecules into motion. The mask also is supposed to drive the formula into the skin and help with hydration.

La Mer Hydrating Facial

There are two “zone” masks: one for the upper (nose and above) and one for the lower (mouth and chin areas). The masks will overlap at the cheekbones but that’s fine, that’s the way it’s meant to be. Leave them on for 8 minutes and you’ll immediately notice more hydrated skin, fewer lines and a deep glow.

I absolutely LOVE this facial. It really does above and beyond what it promises, and even though it’s got a high price point, I feel it’s worth it if you have extremely dry skin. Supplement this regimen with your Creme de la Mer routine and your skin will be happily supple for months to come.

Suffice to say that this facial will be my ritual for the upcoming few months.

$250 for 6 applications at and select Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman.

– Charu Suri