La Mer's new Treatment Powder Foundation

When I was a child, I was always fascinated by Isabella Rosselini’s luminous complexion. Her skin was always lucid, poreless, perfect and RADIANT. I felt she had swallowed a lightbulb with 100 watts.

So when La Mer’s gemstone infused Treatment Powder Foundation came across my desk, I was delighted not only because it provided that Rosselini glow, but also because it contains SPF 15.

La Mer Treatment Powder Foundation SPF 15

The foundation powder glides on like refined silk over your skin (it truly does) and leaves a matte, powdery silky finish and RADIANCE. The gemstones in this powder, including the tourmaline and malachite, help capture light energy.

The Treatment Powder Foundation automatically attracts and adheres to the skin and does not shift — there’s no cakey feel, nothing. It goes on true and stays true for hours. Airspun seaborne particles (apparently the lightest on earth) create that flawless look.

La Mer new Treatment Powder Foundation

I have to tell you that this is definitely one of the hits of the year in my beauty closet. It is SO good that even $95 seems like a pretty decent price to pay for a foundation (yes, I said it…) even in this economy.

The Treatment Powder Foundation, SPF 15

Available at Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman and at La