Lancome Juicy Tubes Turns 10, Celebrates Earth Day with Natural Origin Lip Gloss

As Earth Day turns 40, Lancome’s Juicy Tubes turns 10 years old. Happy Birthday (or un-birthday, if you’ve been watching too much Alice as I have) to both our generous planet and to Lancome Juicy Tubes!

We’ve been huge fans of the Juicy Tubes ever since they debuted, and we swear we’ve collected them over the years like museum pieces, gloss by gloss and flavor by flavor. Now, in honor of Earth Day, Lancome debuts its 100% Natural Origin limited-edition gloss with honey as its chief ingredient. Bears and bees are dying to get their hands on this stuff!

Lancome Juicy Tubes 100% Natural Origin

Lancome Juicy Tubes 100% Natural Origin

In every tube, you’ll find these natural ingredients:

Hungarian honey, royal jelly extract, beeswax, and shea butter.

They come in such delicious, fruity flavors: vanilla, apricot and raspberry, and in Pink Precious, Rose Pretty, Blushing Beauty and Sheerfully Sweet shades.

Each tube retails for $18 in April on and on counters nationwide. From April 22-25th, anyone who purchase a Juicy Tube 100% Natural Origin at a Lancome Boutique will receive a complimentary limited edition tee.

Also, take a quick peek at Lancome’s Earth Day charity, spokesperson Elettra Wiedemann’s where you can donate just one day’s worth of pay to make a difference.

Charu Suri