Lia Sophia Holiday Jewelry Giveaway

If you’re into jewelry and parties, chances are that you’ve heard of lia sophia, a family business that grew and spread the love of jewelry to hundreds of enterpreneurial women around the world. While we typically don’t cover fashion at BeautyStat, we know that jewelry plays a big part in the lives of women around the world during the holiday season, so we couldn’t help but share the love and do a chic giveaway for our readers.

Read our inspired Q&A with the founders of lia sophia below with the Kiam Family. The BEST part of the jewelry line? They offer a lifetime replacement guarantee.

Q: How can women and men get involved with lia sophia? In this economic climate, is it really a viable business?

A: lia sophia jewelry is sold exclusively through independent sales representatives (known as Advisors) at home parties. There are three easy ways to obtain lia sophia jewelry: order through a local Advisor online at, host a jewelry Show or become an Advisor! Historically, the direct selling industry has shown growth during weak economic times due to the relative ease and flexibility that it provides for people to earn supplemental income. In this economy, the lia sophia business opportunity is more appealing than ever to women and even some men who need to replace lost income, or just make ends meet, while maintaining a flexible schedule. Advisors do not need to buy their own inventory, and prior experience is not required. lia sophia also provides substantial training and support.

Sequence Necklace with chanel-set resin gem tones of Topaz, Montana blue and black diamond

Q. Are there are lot of successful women in the space making a good living with lia sophia?

A: Absolutely. lia sophia currently has over 28,000 active sales representatives in the United States and over 2,000 in Canada where the company started operations in March of 2009. Because lia sophia has a multi-level network, where a woman can earn commissions from overseeing a team as well as from her own sales, the company has developed a strong sisterhood of confident Advisors who have inspired other, less experienced women to become business success stories themselves. More than 80% of the Advisor network is part-time, and for those who work full time, many can generate very meaningful earnings.

Q. What pieces have traditionally been popular?

The top ten most popular items among lia sophia customers this season are:

Chime earrings (page 7)

Party Favor, stretch (page 11)

Dew Drops (page 24)

Multiplicity, stretch (page 33)

Reflection, 34-37″ (page 6)

Peekaboo, 15″ (page 34)

Dahlia ring (page 56)

Love Story, Adj. to 11½” (page 35)

Inside Out (page 15)

Damask (page 13)

Chime Earrings

4. What is the must-have holiday statement necklace?

The Nottingham necklace is not only a fabulous statement necklace for the holidays, but it’s made all the more special by the fact that it is this season’s designated Dress For Success piece. lia sophia jewelry benefits our longtime partner, Dress for Success®, a non-profit organization that helps economically challenged women worldwide transition from unemployment to self-sufficiency. We are honored to make jewelry donations, as well as monetary contributions, to Dress for Success Worldwide on an annual basis.

Amulet Pendant Slide with Rich Smoky Quartz

Q. Where do you get the inspiration to create your pieces?

A: I am inspired by so many things, particularly my travels to different parts of the world. Most of the collections are named for destinations and parts of the world I have recently spent time in and enjoyed. Petra—the architectural wonder, Rue Royale( a fabulous Paris street), Ibiza—the chic resort, Capetown a global city in its own right have all been fabulous inspirations. The mood/vibe of the moment also helps inform the final creation as well.

Q. Tell me more about the “Dress for Success” initiative and how purchasing these pieces will lead to a better world.

A: We are very proud of our partnership with Dress For Success, a wonderful organization that helps disadvantaged women get back into the workforce. Dress For Success not only provides business attire, jewelry (from lia sophia of course!) and other material things necessary for their clients to successfully obtain employment, more importantly Dress For Success provides mentoring and a support system so their clients can get a job and keep it. To date, Dress For Success has helped over 500,000 women get back into the workforce. By purchasing pieces of jewelry from lia sophia, a customer not only is helping the lia sophia Advisor from whom she purchased it to make her dreams come true, she is helping lia sophia to help Dress For Success clients.


We are giving away TWO gorgeous pieces to two lucky readers: one is the Nottingham Necklace mentioned above, and valued at $118, and the other is the Sequence Necklace also shown above, and valued at $130.

To win, please share the link with your friends and family and LIKE’s Facebook page and leave us a comment below. Two lucky winners will be picked within a week.

Good luck! And remember to visit to learn more about the brand and/or to become an Advisor.

– Charu Suri