Lierac Celebrates the 35th Anniversary of Phytolastil

Last week, Lierac celebrated the 35th anniversary of its signature product, Phytolastil. A French physician created the gel and serum duo as a gift to his wife to remedy her post-pregnancy stretch marks, and lo and behold- Lierac was born.

Many of us know all too well that stretch marks work their way into being during times of quick weight gain, such as pregnancy. As the holistic plastic surgeon Dr. Shirley Madere explains, the stretch marks are better prevented than treated, since no treatment, not even surgery, can completely remove the unsightly lines.

To that end, the gel ($33) contains a 35% concentration of their patented alchemilla, ivy, and horsetail to prevent stretch marks from forming, while the Phytolastil Solution ($39) uses an 80% concentration of the same formula to fade existing marks.

In some countries (not ours) health insurance plans cover Phytolastil because it’s considered the best treatment for stretch marks in existence – its potent concoction of flavenoids and tannins smooth and tighten the affected skin like no other. So here’s to 35th years of stress-free bathing suits and low cut blouses. With Phytolastil, women afflicted by stretch marks can diminish them into near-nothingness. Phytolastil is available in select Duane Reade’s, CVS stores, and at